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AMA-CUCM Troubleshooting: Best Practices for Reading Trace Files

In the Cisco Unity failover environment, when Cisco Unity runs with the primary in active mode, calls to the voicemail pilot get a fast-busy. However, it works fine with the secondary server in active mode


Core Issue

The Cisco Unity failover environment has to run with the secondary server in active mode constantly. This issue is observed when Cisco Unity runs with the primary in active mode.

On the Cisco Unity secondary server, which is currently active, this error message is shown:

CiscoUnity_DirChangeWirter error: >  CiscoUnity_DirChangeWriter Warning Warning 1049 N/A UTY-RTP-522 Failed updating SQL database with new scope distribution list member", Even when SQL Server is running. Diagnostic Info: SQL Stored Proc: sp_AddScopeDListMember Directory ID: 1C4757F8DAA71E488B767650BB28BE02 Scope Dist List Directory ID: ab4c59274f898c46bab8047b4cb69d9f Error Code: 0x80040E2F


This issue is similar to the issue described in Cisco bug ID CSCse91789. In order to resolve this issue, perform these steps:

  1. Open ADSIEdit to the root of the tree and choose Connect to...

    Note: The Path shown in ADSIEdit is something like LDAP://domain-controller/Domain NC. The common thing in the application logs is the Scope Dist List Directory ID attribute.

  2. From the Connection dialog window, choose Distinguished Name and enter this information without the quotations. This is a GUID for one of the problem DL. 

  3. On the path, there is be LDAP://domain-controller/. Click OK, and ADSIEdit binds to the object associated with the GUID.

    The last entry in ADSIEdit is DomainNc[ ], and the query entered is a sub-entry.

  4. Right-click on the object, and note the canonicalName.

  5. After this information is obtained, open the SQL Query Analyser, or use a command prompt and run osql -E.

  6. Issue this SQL command:

    UnityDb exec sp_CreateScopeDList @DirectoryId='your-directoryid', @DisplayName='caconicalname'

  7. Run the statements detailed, in order to add the missing row and record this information into the ScopeDList table.
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