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Inbound calls to 2 or more IP phones in a B-ACD hunt group on Cisco CallManager Express do not show the "Call parked at" message when parking the received calls.


Core Issue

The calls in queue message overrides the call parked at xxx message.  With two phones in the hunt group, both phones display the 2 calls in queue message.  You answer the first incoming call and place the caller on park. The phone does not display the call parked message; the call is parked somewhere.

You answer the second incoming call and place the caller on park. The phone then displays the Call parked at xxx for the second call.

This issue is addressed in Cisco bug ID CSCsg86833.


These are the limited Workarounds for this issue:

  1. Replace park-slot timeout 60 limit 3 transfer 26 with park-slot timeout 15 limit 9 transfer 26. This reminds you every 15 seconds that a call is parked at such a location.

  2. Put a dummy pilot number as the ephone-hunt primary number and have the Cisco Basic Automatic Call Distribution (Cisco BACD) route into the ephone-hunt group secondary number. This likely also defeats the stats update mechanism for the call queue as well, so if you need the full set of stats for the ephone-hunt, which includes time in queue, then this may not be acceptable.

Refer to Configuring Call Park for more information

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