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Innovative Collaboration Tools for the Desk Worker


At Cisco, we’re committed to evolving and enhancing the collaboration user experience -- connecting you to the experts you need, regardless of location.  But user experience goes beyond that. It’s also thinking about ways to delight you -- with a simpler AND superior user experience. Whether that’s with high-definition voice and video on “every pane of glass”, to sharing content in meetings using your device of choice, to bringing the worlds of personal mobile devices and corporate IT owned and managed closer together.

Given the proliferation of mobile devices that have entered the workplace, you probably don’t find my comments around a focus on user experiences for the mobile worker too surprising. However, what I think might be surprising to you is that we’re placing an equivalent level of commitment to drive innovation on user experiences for the worker at the desk.

Why would we do this? I’ll tell you. Consider primary research we commissioned this past summer of 2300 global enterprise and mid-sized company end users and decision makers. The study indicated 70% of users work primarily from a desk 4-5 days per week.  And more than half of calls made were from a hardware-based desk phone – which respondents noted they preferred for its always-on availability and quality of communications.

We see workers at the desk commanding innovation as well. And we’re positioned to deliver it. Here are a few tangible examples of what we’re doing to deliver upon this commitment now:

We made announcements on October 23rd, 2013, at Collaboration Summit, our annual fall conference,  that deliver simpler, easier-to-use and superior user experiences, across a spectrum of needs, for workers at the desk.

We announced the IP Phone 7800 Series, a new portfolio of affordable voice communications endpoints, for everyday business communications, that enhance the user’s experience in several ways. With the 7800 Series, we’re delivering uncompromised wideband-quality audio, larger backlit displays for easier viewing at-a-glance along with support for the full suite of Cisco Unified Communications telephony features. With the 7800 Series, we’re also giving users the ability to “untether” from their desks, taking advantage of a range of third-party headsets (existing and new) by supporting a feature called Electronic Hook-switch Control.

In turn, for desk workers who seek the most advanced and integrated collaborative experience available in the market today, our Cisco Desktop Collaboration Experience DX650 is without peer. This new category of endpoint, what we term a “Smart Desk” for its integration of HD voice and video, conferencing, cloudsupport, and personalization as an Android device, is now bringing the worlds of mobile device experiences and corporate owned and deployed device experiences even closer together.

We’re delivering tighter integration with your personal mobile device, such as your smartphone – whether based on Android or Apple. In November, via a free software update, you’ll be able to share contacts and call histories captured on your smartphone with your DX650 using Bluetooth. Even transfer an active call taken on your smartphone to your DX650 to enjoy a richer acoustical experience. And it’s as easy as a single click. Simple. Efficient. Productive.

It’s an exciting time for the desk worker. The future looks bright with many more innovations to come. Experiences to make it easier for you to connect with remote experts, personalize your devices and share amongst them. All to help you be more productive and drive business results.

To learn more, register here to watch the Collaboration Summit keynote replay. As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions.

Happy Collaborating!

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