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International calls fail when made through a Cisco WS-X6608-T1/E1 digital gateway


Core Issue

When the Catalyst 6000 WS-X6608-T1/E1 blade is connected to the service provider's category 5E switch type, international calls sometimes do not go through.


The 5E switch type supports the following options to route an international call:

  1. Set the international flag bit, strip the 011 digits, and send only the country code and the called telephone number.
  2. Set the number type to National or Unknown and send the 011 digits along with the country code and the called telephone number.When these settings are not set properly on Cisco CallManager, the international calls may not get routed properly.

    If the 011 digits are stripped as per your dial plan, then set the "Calling party IE number type unknown" setting to International.    If the 011 digits are not stripped and sent to the Telco switch, then set it to either Unknownor National.

    To learn more about this setting, refer to Configuring    a Catalyst WS-X6608-T1 Port as a T1 VoIP Gateway with Cisco CallManager 3.0.

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