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Introducing Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing Entry Edition


  On April 27, we announced a new addition to the Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing family-- Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing Entry Edition.This offers increased flexibility for workspace licensing and a cost-effective “starter package” for these challenging economic times.  The package includes Unified Communications Manager, IP Communicator and Unified Mobility (Single Number Reach) and is priced considerably lower than Standard Edition.

  Since Workspace Licensing Entry Edition can be mixed and matched with other editions of Workspace Licensing, it further enhances the flexibility of the overall program to meet your changing business needs.  For example, let’s look at a retail bank.  Such an organization might need Professional Edition capabilities for the users on Wall Street, Standard Edition for the branch managers and Entry Edition for bank tellers.  The introduction of this third “flavor” of Workspace Licensing improves the bank’s ability to address the needs of different types of users.The same sort of situation might apply to customers in industries as diverse as retail, manufacturing or other industries.

  Now let’s say you don’t have these same sub-populations but you do have a real challenge:due to economic conditions your IT budget is under pressure.  Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing Entry Edition gives you an opportunity to gradually move to increasing levels of Unified Communications capabilities.  It offers a middle step where you can address the imminent call control needs of your workforce while more gradually moving to more advanced capabilities as your budget allows and when you feel the time is right to position yourself for a coming recovery.

Would your organization benefit from the new Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing Entry Edition?

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