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Invitation to Community Members: Tell Your Collaboration Experience

Frequent Contributor

Write a blog post describing your experiences with collaboration, including Cisco Collaboration Solutions.  It is very easy and quick.  Here are some suggestions on what to blog about, but feel free to write whatever you believe will be useful to other community members and yourself.

  • your Cisco collaboration solution (products, services, and support) 
  • other collaboration solutions and how they integrate
  • number of people using them
  • benefits and ROI you've experienced
  • specific use case scenarios that have most benefited
  • your industry (health care, banking, insurance, etc)
  • future plans for collaboration expansion
  • whether you are looking at collaboration solutions as a strategic solution or focused more on point products to address point problems

Your blog entry will show in this blog and in your community profile, and help other users connect with you.

Get Started Now:

  1. You need to be logged in to blog. Click on the "Login" link in the upper right corner to log in with your user id or register for one.  Registration takes just minutes.   
  2. Select the "Write a Blog Post" link in the"Actions" box in the right column.  If you don't see that link, then go to this page and click on that link.
  3. Write your blog post!
  4. Tag your posting with "my_experience" so people can easily find all experiences through the tag cloud and from the home page link.  

View Other Members Experiences and Ask Questions:

  1. View them on this page above this posting.  If you don't see them, then go to this page.


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