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IP Phone devices and other devices show an incorrect status of "Not Found or Unregistered" on the Cisco CallManager Administration "Find and List page" and displays an error message


Core Issue

The following message is displayed on the Cisco CallManager Administration Find and List page:

Real-time Information Service is not responding. Check to make sure the service is running.

The IP Phones show a status of Not Found, where they used to show Registered. However, the IP Phones seem to work without any problems.

The Real-time Information Server (RIS) maintains real-time Cisco CallManager information and provides an interface through which this information can be retrieved by another service known as the RIS Data Collector. Cisco CallManager Administration retrieves this information for display on pages such as the Find and List Phones page of Cisco CallManager Administration.

This problem indicates something has gone wrong with communications between these components.


To fix this problem restart the Cisco RIS Data Collector service by using the following procedure:

  1. Open Cisco CallManager Administration.
  2. Select Application > Select Cisco CallManager Serviceability.
  3. Select Tools > Control Server.
  4. Select the server and restart the Cisco RIS Data Collector    service.

CallManager Version

CallManager 3.x

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