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IPPA (Cisco IP Phone Agent) Ready/Not Ready State question


Currently using CCX 7.0

By design Cisco IP Phone Agent (IPPA) goes to "not ready" state when a call is missed.  Is there a way to keep those agents up even when the calls are missed?  (without turning on the "always ready" in CCX as it messed up with Linear queuing)

second question, is there a way to show the agent status on the phone at all times?

Thrid, would it be possible to auto login the agents periodically (let's say every hour)

The problem I am trying to address is that users of IPPA don't know if their agent state is ready or not and I am looking for a way to show that on the phone. (or keep them permanently logged in)

Cisco Employee

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You can also refer to the document Change Agent State to "Ready" After Not Answering a Call for some related information on your issue.


this is what i wanted to fix:

Sometimes agents goes in and out of the office and when a call is missed they don't put themselves back to the ready state.  Looking for something that can either

- Display their status on the phone (without going through the services buttons and check)


- Something that will periodically auto- ready the agents every 10 mins

The Always Ready option doesn't work for me because i am running a Linear FIFO and it keeps repeating the calls on the first 2 phones.


Did anybody find a fix for this matter?