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It’s A World of Many Clouds — And That’s Great for Collaboration


It is well understood that collaboration is helping companies execute business strategies. It improves productivity, enhances teamwork, improves decision making, and compresses time to market — whether employees and team members are in the same building or halfway around the world. Now, video and mobility solutions are taking collaboration to the next level. The business benefits of enabling people to communicate more naturally — anywhere and at any time — are clear and being realized by many.

Furthermore, the desire to consume collaboration services from the cloud is increasing as many of our customers discover the multiple benefits of extending the reach of collaboration services across their businesses in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model.  Customers are optimizing resources and gaining even more business and IT agility. They are enhancing business continuity and reducing risk of technology obsolescence while maintaining full visibility and control. End users are increasingly demanding  a consistent, rich user experience across the latest applications on their choice of devices.

Cloud collaboration is an integral part of Cisco’s Collaboration strategy, and Cisco’s focus is to provide customers with flexible choices on how they deploy collaboration so they can accelerate it across their business.  Cisco offers different deployment models to meet various customer use cases, including:

Private clouds: Customers that require on-premises solutions can deploy Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) for Large Enterprise for full control of IT applications and cost structures. This option is attractive to institutions in regulated industries that handle sensitive data or emerging markets with restricted Internet access, or simply very large organizations where the IT department services multiple business units within their organization in as similar way that a service provider would.

Public clouds: These clouds provide hosted collaboration platforms that deliver applications in an “as-a-Service” manner, shifting from capital expenses to operational expenses. Many companies find this the better model for them because the cloud provider is able to package the hosted collaboration services from Cisco with additional services they uniquely offer — such as access to their MPLS network, SIP trunking and even 3rd party services — providing added value and a customized experience for each customer.

With this model, customers can choose Cisco WebEx hosted in a public cloud by Cisco and/or the full set of collaboration applications and services offered in Cisco HCS hosted in a public cloud by a Cisco Certified HCS partner.  Both offer customers rapid deployment for faster ROI.

Hybrid clouds: Yet other businesses have more varied needs and use cases that vary across the company. These businesses will find that a combination of private and public clouds allow them to deliver a consistent collaboration experience across their organizations. For many companies the freedom of choice about which workloads they want served from the cloud, and which ones they want to keep on premises offers the best of both worlds. For example, customers can choose to have Web Conferencing and IM/Presence services delivered from the cloud, while they keep mission critical voice and video services hosted by themselves, locally. Flexibility and choice, without degradation of the user experience are key.

With the right deployment model and reliable providers, you can access the collaboration tools you need when you need them. Cloud collaboration is just a part of the Cisco cloud platform,CloudVerse, that provides a foundation that assures customers achieve integrated collaboration experiences, between and beyond different types of clouds to optimize your competitive advantage. All of Cisco’s cloud collaboration offerings are interoperable and standards based, which enables connections to outside clouds as well—a feature that can prove critical in, say, driving sales and maximizing customer relationship management.

Join us live on Oct 16 to learn more about our Cloud Collaboration strategy and be among the first to hear new Cloud Collaboration announcements.  Learn more and register now.


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