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It’s Time for an Intelligent Approach to Video Collaboration

Cisco Employee

As we’ve been preparing for next week’s Collaboration Summit, I’ve been reflecting on the past 10 years in the video and communications industry. In today’s hyper-connected world, the bar has been raised and user expectations are higher than ever before, especially as it relates to video and its impact on efficiency and productivity. Users want to be connected all the time while having more control of when or how they are reached. They want to have access to an array of video collaboration experiences with the ability to choose how they want to interact based on what’s going on during the day. And they want it to be easy to use, easy to connect to others, easy to integrate with business applications and content, and of course easy to manage.

The list of user requirements is exciting for the industry. It proves the immense value inherent in video communications and is inspiring everyone to think harder about what users want not only now, but also years into the future. Yet keeping up with these demands is no easy feat for any technology vendor and can be even more challenging for IT teams supporting all of these new user scenarios in a business environment. Simply put, video communications needs to be reimagined so that the promise of pervasive adoption can happen, and can happen in a way that delivers unsurpassable value.

It’s time for a more intelligent approach. One that exceeds the expectations of users to propel even the next wave of technology innovation, while providing a rich business-class experience that organizations can deploy confidently and pervasively. Intelligent video collaboration is intuitive so that it’s simple to use and open to everyone inside and outside of your network, adaptive to the context and requirements of a user at any given time without sacrificing quality or policy, and connected – not just to more video cameras – but to every collaboration tool, business process, and user preference.

Today, video is already reinventing business communication, but the next generation of video collaboration will transform the way we work. Innovative organizations are considering what video collaboration can do to accelerate employee empowerment and productivity, as well as how it can elevate business models and services. We believe you can reinvent the workplace, empowering employee mobility and redefining what the office looks like. You can connect your entire value chain so that you reduce complexity and speed time to market. You can embed video collaboration into the workflow so that your best resources connect with your most valuable customers with a smile instead of an emoticon. And that’s just the beginning.

Over the next few weeks, you will see examples of intelligent video collaboration innovations from Cisco and we will share examples of how customers are using these solutions to meet and exceed their business goals.

As video collaboration becomes more intelligent, what could your organization do?

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