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IVR Outbound Dialer in UCCX


IVR Dialer in UCCX 10.0

We configure a campaign as an Outbound IVR campaign if you have an Outbound IVR license in addition to the existing Unified CCX Premium license.

If you select the IVR based option for a campaign, the outbound calls will be handled by the IVR scripts. Typical applications include appointment and bill payment reminders.


Unified CCX Subsystem Requirements

  • The Outbound subsystem must be IN SERVICE.

  • The RmCm subsystem must be IN SERVICE.

  • The Unified CM Telephony subsystem must be IN SERVICE.

  • The Unified CCX Database must be IN SERVICE.


Configuration in UCCX


  • Go to subsystemàCisco Unified CM Telephony àCall Control Group

  • Add New.

  • Put Description , Number of CTI Ports , Device name prefix, Starting Directory Number , Device Pool and other details.

  • Select Group Type as Outbound

  • Click Add.


  • Go to Application Management, Add new to create new application.

  • Associate the outbound script with the application.

  • Add trigger to the application. Associated the Call control group created earlier with the trigger.


  • Go to SubsystemàOutboundàGeneral

  • Enter Start and End Time for Customer Dialing Time Range

  • Dialing Prefix  as per your environment

  • Long Distance as Pre fix  as per your environment

  • International as Pre fix  as per your environment

  • Local Area Code as per your environment



  • Go to SubsystemàOutboundàCampaign

  • Click Add New Button, Add a new Campaign page comes.

  • Select “IVR based “ as Campaign Type

  • Select “Progressive /Predictive ” as Dialer type


  • Click Next, Campaign Configuration Page will come.

  • Provide Campaign Name

  • Select  Yes to enable the outbound dialer

  • Provide Description

  • Provide Start Time and End Time for Campaign.

  • Provide Campaign Calling Number, this is the number customer will   see when call comes to them.

  • Select the route point as Application Trigger for outbound dialer.

  • Application Name will automatically reflect.

Note: Other parameters can be kept by default.

  • Under Dialing Options, Number of Dedicated Ports should not be 0 (should be more than 0), other parameters can be set as default.

  • Click Save to save the configuration.



  • Go to SubsystemàOutboundàArea code

  • Add New, Area Codes Management will come.

  • Set Area Code, Zone and Daylight Savings Observed accordingly your requirement.


  • Go to SubsystemàOutboundàSIP Gateway

  • Put your IP for Gateway Hostname/IP Address

  • Ports numbers keep as default

  • Transport protocol selects UDP.

  • Keep the other parameters as default.


  • Go to SubsystemàOutboundàCampaign

  • Click Import

  • Browse the text file which contents your contact information.

  • Select the field name accordingly to your contact information.

Note: In my file only one contact number is there. If you added other fields add those separated by comma

  • Click import.

  • If you click the printable report you will able to see how many contacts are pending /retry/callback


  • Once you import the contacts call will go to the customer number and phone rings.

Gateway Configuration


dial-peer voice 9 voip

 description incoming dial-peer

 session protocol sipv2

 incoming called-number 32012

 voice-class codec 1

 voice-class sip rel1xx supported "100rel"

 dtmf-relay rtp-nte h245-signal h245-alphanumeric

 no vad




dial-peer voice 10 pots

 description outgoing pots

destination-pattern 32012

 progress_ind alert enable 8

no digit-strip

 port 0/3/0:23


dial-peer voice 11 pots

 description incoming pots

 incoming called-number 2012


 port 0/3/1:23


dial-peer voice 7879 voip

 description uccx ivr Dialer to uccx

 destination-pattern 78..$                                     //(Route point in CUCM for UCCX outbound aplication)

 session protocol sipv2

 session target ipv4:

 voice-class codec 1

 dtmf-relay rtp-nte h245-alphanumeric h245-signal

no vad







How can I check if the license outbound is available in UCCX Premium?

In this step there is no outbound in Group type!


Cisco Employee

You will have something like below in case if your system is licensed for Outbound IVR campaign:






How can I get SIP gateway redundancy in this case?


You can't. The CCX is sending the call directly to 1 CUBE by IP address.


In regards to OUTBOUND campaigns, Is  a SIP or CUBE required? I have h.323 & MGCP gateways running c3825-advipservicesk9-mz.124-24.T4.bin. OH, do I need a SIP provider or can I translate from SIP to the PRI ?

What a beautifully designed piece of software, the UCCX is. 


can also get user input in that outbound IVR and show it in reports?


if yes then please let me know what will be the steps


Is it mandatory to configure sip gateway configuration?  I want to place my calls via call control group that CSS is set for them so calls will be established by CUCM.