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Jabber Client upgrade to support WebEx security alignment


Attention all Cisco Jabber Customers,

Cisco is committed to the security of all Cisco services and continues to invest in it by providing timely security enhancements, including those which require meeting client downloads and/or updates to Cisco applications and APIs. We strive to minimise business impact to our valued customers whenever possible by providing advanced notifications that include time to align with any required updates. Cisco intends to maintain a vigilant approach toward maintaining the safety and security of our SaaS offerings. Customers can expect future security enhancements to be delivered as often as deemed necessary.


Cisco WebEx will implement security changes that will impact the applications listed below. After the update, applications older than the minimum version will not function properly. Basic functionality like scheduling, starting or joining meetings will be affected for applications which are not updated.  Users must upgrade the applications to the minimum version prior the rollout to align with current security changes and avoid potential impacts

Cisco WebEX Security Updates

  • T29: June 5th 2015
  • T28: July 31st 2015

Important Note:

  • If you are a T29 customer then you must update your clients prior to June 5th
  • If you are a T28 customer then you must update your clients prior to July 31st


Minimum Version


Download Location

Cisco Jabber for iPhone and iPad



Apple App store

Cisco Jabber for Android



Google Play

Cisco Jabber for Mac



Cisco Jabber for Windows



Cisco Jabber for Windows



Cisco Jabber for Windows



Cisco Jabber for Windows

9.2 releases will NOT be compatible. See Notes

Note: The following products are end of life or about to end of life and meeting integration will not work once new security changes take effect on your sites so please ensure you setup to the latest release:

  • Cisco WebEx Connect will retire on April 2, 2015.
  • Cisco Jabber for Windows 9.2. Customers must upgrade to newer releases of Jabber.
  • Cisco Jabber for Windows 9.6. Customers must upgrade to newer releases of Jabber.
  • Cisco Jabber Video for IPad 9.3 has reached end of software maintenance. Customers must upgrade to Cisco Jabber for iPad or iPhone for full functionality.
  • Cisco Unified Personal Communicator will not be compatible with these changes. Integrated functionality of escalating to conferences will not work after Jun 05, 2015


  • What security issues are being addressed in this release?
    • We are upgrading the encryption technologies for encrypting the data sent or received from the WebEx Cloud. This is an extension of the work we did in previous releases where we upgraded the technologies for encrypting the data stored in cloud. In addition, we have added a new mechanism for extending our encryption key rotation policies.
  • Why does this change require a mandatory upgrade?
    • Newer meeting clients and Cisco applications have been updated with new encryption. The upgrade is required in order to ensure that all WebEx clients include the latest encryption technologies.
  • I cannot upgrade by the requested deadline. Can I request an extension?
    • Due to nature of changes and Cisco’s commitment to keep all our customers secure we cannot extend this date. In order to help our customers achieve this date we are sending notice several months in advance.  .
  • Is my site being exposed to any known vulnerabilities prior to the upgrade?
    • No. However; it is extremely important to update your site with all security enhancements, as soon as they are available
Cisco Employee

So is my understanding correct this affects WebEx _Meeting_ only? - or is WebEx Messenger affected as well?




Correct, specific to WebEx Meetings

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