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Jabber for iOS Apple Push Notifications (APNs) update

Cisco Employee

We recently learned from Apple that Cisco Jabber for iOS will continue to work as today when receiving notifications for IM and calls. The next major iOS release after iOS 11 will not break Jabber notifications for IM and calls for customers that have not yet upgraded their infrastructure to support Apple Push Notifications (APNs). As a result, customers have more time to execute the mandatory push notifications upgrades to the UC Infrastructure which will ensure that Jabber for iOS continues to work in the future.

Updated recommendation:

Cisco recommends that customers update their Jabber infrastructure by June 2018 for best performance, or as soon as possible thereafter.

Upgrading will provide the following benefits:

  • Future proofing the infrastructure for Jabber for iOS: We do not know when Apple will remove the entitlements that allow Jabber to take advantage of legacy VoIP APIs / keepalives
  • Improved reliability and performance: APNs has the ability to wake Jabber even if Jabber has been terminated by iOS
  • Optimized and consistent user experience with cellular calls and other iOS applications
  • Reduced impact of Jabber on the device battery & potentially improved performance of other applications on the device
  • Multiline released in Jabber 12.0 requires CUCM 11.5(1) SU3 or higher

APNs upgrades are available now with the following minimum version requirements:

  • Recommend CUCM 11.5(1) SU4 – available since February 2018
  • OK if already running CUCM 11.5(1) SU3a – available since August 2017
  • Jabber 11.9
  • Expressway 8.10.1
  • CUCM to register and stay connected to Cisco Collaboration Cloud

For additional information, consult:

Deployment Guide:

Update presentation:

Frequent Contributor



Is there a updated date from Apple on this change?  The cisco documents recommend June 2018 which has past. 


Thanks, Erick



Jabber iOS device users in my office complaining notification issue that caused by this iOS update version 12.

All of our environment is located locally in our own datacenter, becasue we dont want to involve any other cloud servers for our UC system.

Enable APNS is solution from Apple, not from Cisco.

Cisco should give their customers solution for this, specially for customers that dont want to use any cloud servers.


Already create TAC case for this but, TAC engineer always only give solution to enable APNS with no other options.


*SNR workaround is a not solution because it will use PSTN connection that consume PSTN connection.




so APN is the way

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