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Jabber for Windows Syscheck Tool


Please find the attached zip file, that contains a small executable that will perform basic system checks on the End-Users desktop to validate if there are any obvious configuration issues with the local system or network.  My hope is that we can direct any of our End-Users to this page to download the tool, run it, then give us the log files; which should help minimize the impact to the End-User during troubleshooting sessions.

This is not an official app from Cisco, but rather something I threw together to help automate troubleshooting efforts with Cisco Jabber for Windows.  This tool should be viewed as a supplement to your troubleshooting efforts, not replace it entirely.  If you have any problems with this tool, please PM me and I will help out when available.

If you have any ideas of new configuration related tests to add to this tool, I am open to hear your feedback!  Please respond to this thread, or PM me and I'll work to see what other checks we can add to this tool.  I'd like to keep the footprint of the tool as small as possible, with zero install and zero external dependencies so it's optimized for a small footprint over fast execution (so it's very simple and quick for End-Users to download and run).

Look forward to your feedback.  Here is a brief video of the tool in action:

Updated 2012-06-01:

updated tool to function with WinXP and Win7 according to supported platform list

Maciej Karpinski

Hi, tried to run it on my PC but got the following error. It's a WinXP pc.

ScreenHunter_01 Jun. 01 09.44.jpg

Cisco Employee

Thanks Maciej,

I updated the tool to function with OS listed in the supported platform list, this should now function with Windows XP.  Let me know if you encounter any other issues.

Maciej Karpinski

I forgot to reply but I've tested the new Syscheck Tool with Win XP and it works fine :-)

sharon carasenti

in win7 its not work get an error..

jabber stop working