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Jabber MRA/Collaboration edge detailed call fow



I have just spent a few days putting together a detailed call flow of jabber with the new collaboration edge feature. Jabber MRA can be complex to implement and there are so many parts to this, so I thought it would be good to have a documentation that attempts to break down the call flow bitsby bit. These will aid in deployment and troubleshooting once the underlying elements are understood.

I have added a few logs excerpts in the documentation to aid in understanding clearly what is going on in each phase of jabber interaction with expressway servers.

Let me know if you have any questions. I have attached the document here as it will be a little difficult to put it here due to the formatting constraints on the portal here.


Nice, thanks for posting!


Thanks for sharing this pdf.. Very informative. 




CSC Moderator

Hi Ayodeji,

Thanks very much! Very useful and informative.

Can you share if you have a similar document for Cisco Jabber Guest .



VIP Mentor


No I don't have one for Jabber guest. Don't forget to rate the document!! :)


Thanks for putting this together!  Exactly what I was seeking. 

VIP Mentor

Glad you found it useful..Don't forget to rate the document..


Any chance you have created--or may be aware of existing--documentation of the same flow for TP endpoints (e.g. MX series)?


This is a great document. One question,  Is there any way to make this a multi factor authentication? 

VIP Mentor

Hi James.

I am not sure I understand what you mean?


We have MRA setup and it works great from the iphone & android, but our management wants to limit it to only be available on firm managed mobile devices and/or require the first time authentication to be multifactor(password/rsa) etc.

Any ideas?


Just what we needed...

Community Member

Ayodeji, Excellent Post . Good work.

Question : What are the options to enable two factor authentication for the Jabber clients connecting from the internet ?

VIP Mentor

Can you elaborate on this? What do you mean by two factor authentication?

Community Member

My question is similar to James Thomas asked about MRA Multifactor authentication, we want external clients to be authenticated initially with RSA than CUCM UDS.

VIP Mentor

No I dont believe Jabber supports any other form of authentication other than UDS or LDAP.

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