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Jabber PRT Repository


With Jabber, it's possible to have a centralized location to gather any PRT Reports that are generated by your end-users.  So rather then having to walk your end-users through gathering, saving, locating, and emailing a PRT when a problem happens, all the end-user has to do is click a button and they're done! 

By having a centralized location for all the PRTs, it makes it simple to have a single source to go to when/if your end-users experience a problem while using the Jabber clients.  Because each IT Staff workflow is unique, rather than introducing another server to have to manage, Jabber takes the approach of allowing the Administrator to determine how to handle these incoming PRTs in a way which works best for their environment.  The down side of this is that it requires each Administrator to invest some time developing their own web page to handle these PRT Reports.  *** While on that topic, please let me know in the comments section if you would be interested in having a complete sample PRT solution that you could customize; both for gathering uploaded PRTs and a web based Administrative interface to parse through and respond/resolve each PRT.

This document is aimed to help speed up the development process of gathering the PRT Reports.  So I'm including a few sample scripts you can throw on your web server to help you get a head start.  If you have a web server in your environment with PHP 5 and a mySQL database installed already, it'll be very easy for you to implement these scripts (all you have to do is create the database, update the scripts with the credentials for your environment, and place them on your web server).  If you don't have a web server already, try installing Ubuntu and Apache following this article.

Once you have the scripts installed on your web server, and update your jabber-config.xml file to point to the uploadPrt.php file, everything will be stored on the web server for you in a simple relational database table!  Then with this table you can easily manage all of the uploaded PRTs and fit this into your existing processes to better asssit your end-users.  Here's a short video walkthrough of the scripts, feel free to customize or modify the source code to fit in your environment:

I look forward to your feedback.



Thanks for the post !

I would be very interested in having a complete sample PRT solution that I can customize etc for gathering uploaded PRTs and a web based Administrative interface to parse through and respond/resolve each of the PRT.

For me. I'd like to get something stood up with our current jabber POC as I see this as a very useful tool for large scale deployment. I am just looking at standing up a web server but any recommendations around how be to deploy a PRT solutions would be great.

thanks in advance

Chester Rieman

exactly what I was looking for - thanks Z

Cisco Employee

This is pretty old, but it'll still works for the Windows PRTs. The challenge comes with Mac, iPhone, and Android PRTs.. I have another prototype for those as well as a full feature log parser, but since those clients don't have the auto-upload functionality yet, it's not really that helpful in its current form but is useful in certain situations for log management.

I'll have to check if I have something worth updating on this post.



  Im Interest this : "I have another prototype for those " ... you can speack of  :-)

Peterson Cristovam
Hi, szelenka Could you re-post your video? I am not able to access it.
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