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Joining the Conversation from an "Internal Customer" Perspective

Cisco Employee

Hi everyone - Brian Fady with Cisco here.

I'm quite happy to see the focus Cisco is putting on developing communities and leveraging Web2.0 technologies to bring people together - the development of this Collaboration Community and others under the Cisco Community Central umbrella look great.  I am also excited about jumping into the mix to hear your perspectives and experiences, and to share mine.

I've been at Cisco since the fall of 1997, just before we started getting serious about Unified Communications (and a whole host of other things.)  Before Cisco, I spent time with IBM in a division that was called the PC Company, focused on supporting their Think Pad product line.  Prior to that, I was in retail management with an athletic retail company called Finish Line, Inc.

In my tenure at Cisco, I've always been in a customer facing organization, and always tied to Contact Center.  I've grown up with the industry and technology - from agent to leadership.   Along the way, I've lived the transformation that came with introduction of IP telephony and Unified Communications in the contact center.  We're now starting to experience the next wave of innovation with social media, video and the dissolving boundaries between corporation, contact center and customer.

Day to day, I have responsibility for defining and managing the services for one of Cisco's main contact centers - the Customer Interaction Network (CIN).  The CIN operation provides contact center services for over 20 groups inside Cisco.  Covering the globe, we're handling roughly 600k interactions a quarter and spanning 17 languages.

In addition to CIN Service Management, I also lead an effort at Cisco that we're calling the Contact Center Unification Framework.  This framework provides guidelines, standards, practices and governance to every contact center at Cisco.  It answers the essential question "What does it mean to be a contact center at Cisco?"  We've been developing and evolving this framework for a little over 2 years now and beginning to see some real traction with it.

I look forward to joining the conversations out here.  As a leader at Cisco, and as a customer using our own technologies to run our business, I hope to bring a unique point of view spanning operations, management/leadership and strategy.  And I really hope to learn some best practices from you!


Director, Operations

Customer Interaction Network

and the Contact Center Unification Framework

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