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Licensing Perpetual for Collaboration Release 12.5

Cisco Employee

1. Introduction

1.1 Purpose, audience, and scope

This document describes the pricing and packaging structure and ordering for Cisco® Business Edition 7000 (BE7000) Version 12.5 on M5 generation appliances.

Before proceeding, please ensure that you are using the latest version of this guide from the following link: or

Audience: This guide is for Cisco Systems field and Cisco specialized channel partners.

Scope: This guide describes a simple, common process for ordering BE7000 solutions directly from Cisco, or through a Cisco distributor, reducing cost of entry for common deployments and minimizing lead time.

For more detailed information on the Cisco BE7000 solution, go to

1.2 Sales support tools

QuoteCollab is the online tool for configuring and pricing 500 to 5000 user solutions based on Business Edition 7000 appliances.

Cisco Collaboration Virtual Machine Placement Tool (VMPT) is the online tool ( to simplify planning and visualizing a deployment of virtualized Collaboration applications on platforms such as the BE7000. VMPT can accept information exported from the Collaboration Sizing Tool ( to further accelerate the design process.

Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW) is the online tool ( for creating, managing, and sharing Cisco product configurations and orders. You also can manage promotion registrations using CCW.

Cisco Commerce Workspace Services & Subscriptions (CCW-R) is the online tool for pricing, managing, and renewing service contracts and subscriptions for Cisco products. Visit and select menu “Services & Subscriptions” for more details and to access the tool.

Partner Central provides tools and resources to help position and sell the BE7000. Detailed information about offerings such as Not For Resale (NFR) and financing from Cisco Capital® is also available at Partner Central:

1.3 End-of-sale and product code change bulletins

Before starting a quote, please check end-of-sale announcements related to BE7000 at the following website:

Some product codes used in earlier BE7000 versions have now been announced as end of sale. If you have ordered the BE7000 in the past, please ensure that you understand and use the current process detailed in this document.

End of sale of the BE7000M (M4) and BE7000H (M4) appliances occurred June 30, 2018. Please see the bulletin published at

2. Cisco Business Edition 7000

Cisco Business Edition 7000 (BE7000) is a family of packaged collaboration platforms designed for Enterprise companies with 1000 or more employees. Using a common building-block design approach, BE7000 products may be used to create comprehensive collaboration solutions that offer premium voice, video, mobility, messaging, presence, and contact center features on a single, virtualized, and centrally managed platform. These core communication capabilities allow fast-growing companies to benefit from rich collaboration tools that improve efficiency and productivity.

2.1 Cisco Business Edition 7000 Version 12.5 highlights

Enhanced user experience

Deliver better user experiences with more efficient network utilization via media path optimization (ICE/STUN/TURN), Jabber® support for Google Chromebook, and mobile persistent chat and enhanced extension mobility.

Security and compliance

Strengthen your security posture and help customers prepare for compliance audits via multi-fork recording (MiFID), elliptical curve cryptography (for point-to-point calls), administrative cipher selection, and Jabber support for agent greeting, recording tone, and supervisor barge.

Simplified administration

Reduce the burden of design, implementation, and operation through expanded Smart Licensing support (for BE6000 starter packs and add-on licenses, Expressway and Prime® Collaboration Assurance); simple upgrades; management of video endpoints; and Jabber configuration files and secure activation for phones.

Cloud connected

Improve your hybrid collaboration experience through the interoperation of Webex Teams with Jabber, diversion on decline, and desk phone pairing for Webex® Hybrid Call Service.

Ease of installation and provisioning

   Virtualization software 6.5 is preinstalled on the appliance, with the embedded Cisco Unified Communications Virtualization Foundation license or Cisco Collaboration Virtualization Standard license as options.

   Cisco Unified Communications software suite is preloaded on the hypervisor data store. Select applications are now preinstalled to further simplify installation. Full details of software loads are available in the Release Notes at:

2.2 Unified communications licensing overview

Cisco user licensing

Beginning with Cisco Unified Communications Release 9.0, applications are licensed from the perspective of an end user. This model is distinct from earlier releases, where features were licensed by device. The following sections introduce the two available licensing types, User Connect Licensing and Unified Workspace Licensing, which may be mixed within a system deployment as required. Alternatively, the Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan is also now available to qualifying BE7000 customers. For more information and ordering information, see

Note:    Customers may choose to either purchase perpetual user licenses or subscribe to a Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan. It is not possible for a customer to have an element of both offers. Existing customers with perpetual licenses may migrate to a Flex Plan if desired.

Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan subscription

The Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan provides on-premises and/or cloud-based collaboration services in a single subscription-based offer, for both new and existing customers. One agreement covers software, licensing, and technical support for cloud-based services like Cisco Webex, or on-premises applications like Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Unity® Connection, and Cisco Meeting Server, including various hybrid services. Learn more about the Flex Plan subscription in the Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan Ordering Guide at

Cisco User Connect Licensing

User Connect Licensing (UCL) allows most Cisco Unified Communications products to be licensed on a per-user basis. With UCL, all client and server software, Right-To-Use (RTU) fees, port licenses, etc. are covered by the per user license, simplifying the ordering and deployment process.

UCL is available with the following licenses (summarized in Table 1):

   Essential UCL: This license enables use of an Analog-Telephone-Adaptor (ATA) port or simple IP phone for shared working areas. Instant messaging and presence features are also included where devices are assigned to a specific user.

   Basic UCL: This license is suitable for desk-based users who require a voice-centric communications solution using an entry-level IP phone. It includes voice, instant messaging, and presence features.

   Enhanced UCL: This license offers a richer collaborative experience for either desk-based or mobile users who require a single device. It includes voice, video, instant messaging, and presence features that may be enabled for mobile and remote access using Cisco Expressway.

   Enhanced Plus UCL: This license offers a richer collaborative experience for desk-based and mobile users who require two devices. It includes voice, video, instant messaging, and presence features that may be enabled for mobile and remote access using Cisco Expressway.

   Cisco TelePresence® Room: This license enables any Cisco room-based telepresence system.

   Voice Messaging (voicemail): This license enables voice-messaging features for one user with Cisco Unity Connection Basic licensing. It includes advanced message access options (Internet Message Access Protocol [IMAP], unified messaging, phone, and web).

Note:    MGCP controlled or IOS voice gateway ports do not require a user license.

Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing

Unified Workspace Licensing (UWL) offers an easy and affordable way to procure and deploy a broad range of Cisco Unified Communications applications and services using per-user licensing.

UWL is available in two editions (summarized in Table 1):

   Standard Edition (UWL-Std): This license offers a rich collaborative experience for desk-based and mobile users who require multiple devices. It includes voice, video, voice messaging, instant messaging, and presence features that may also be enabled for mobile and remote access using Cisco Expressway.

   Meetings Edition (UWL-Meetings): This license offers a comprehensive collaborative experience for users. In addition to the benefits of UWL Standard Edition, each license includes the following:

     As an alternative to using Unified Communications Manager, this license may be used to register two desktop telepresence devices (DX or EX Series) to Expressway.

     Personal Multiparty Plus (PMP+) Named Host license. May be used with either Unified Communications Manager or Expressway solutions.

     Perpetual on-premises Cisco Webex Meetings Server license.

     One Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Standard Agent license for every 25 UWL-Meetings users.

     One Cisco Unified Communications Manager Session Manager Edition (SME) session license for every 5 UWL-Meetings users.

For more details about Cisco UWL, please visit:

For more details about pervasive video conferencing and Personal Multiparty licensing, please visit: and

Table 1 and Figure 1 compare Cisco Unified Communications Version 11 license types to help determine which is most suitable for any set of requirements. Table 1 illustrates the features that are enabled by each license type. Figure 1 illustrates the minimum license type required for each Cisco device or client.



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