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Mailer List on Spark?


I have a very large team and would like to know if it is possible to add a mailer list to the room instead of name by name?

Cisco Employee

Luciana - Does the room already exist?  If not, then you can add a list of email addresses (separated by comma or semi-colon) and have them all added at once.  It's much faster than added users one-by-one after the room is already created.  So if you have access to all the email addresses that are in the alias, you would just copy them, paste into the text box (like below) when creating them room, then hit enter, select Go Chat, and BAM - they'll all be added.  I know it's not exactly what you asked about but it is a quicker way than the one-by-one adding.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 9.58.39 AM.png

Community Member

Hi Christopher, Thank you! I will give it a go.


Hello, actually this approach does now work for me, Spark can not handle list of users deliminated by , or ;.

BUT there is a different one and it really works nice with Outlook, when you have contacts in your email in the field to or cc or bc, just marked them as they are, press ctrl+c and then go to spark, field to invite people, ctrl+v and all users are immidiately invited to the room.

Cisco Employee

Hi Luciana - just wanted to check back in to see if you had success following that approach (or the one that Lukas mentioned below)?

Cisco Employee

Lukas - I'm curious exactly how you did this because I haven't had success.  Here's what I did:

1) Went into outlook

2) Put the mailer in the "To" field

3) Clicked the carat to expand the mailer to show all the individual email addresses on the mailer

4) Highlight all the email addresses


6) Go into Spark and click the + sign to create a new room

7) Paste the email addressed with CTRL+V

8) Hit enter to create the room

BUT when I do that, I get an error.  Below is an example when I just use my own email.  It's failing because when I copy form Outlook, it's not just copying the email address, it's also copying the name, which Spark doesn't like.  Curious if that's the same approach you're taking?

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 1.30.48 PM.png


Christopher, what I have tested it only works for MS Outlook in Windows, for Spark for Windows app and point is your point 3, do not expand, just copy that as Outlook sees that, so literally you only mark names and Spark will change that to email adresses and immidiately invite participants, now I am on MAC, so can not make screenshot, but tomorrow, I will add proof

Community Member

Hi Lukas and Christopher,

Thank you! It does work on the desktop! This was to create a new room

Cisco Employee

Crazy question...but did it work with non-Cisco addresses?  It's the craziest thing.  When I copy /paste a mailer list all the Cisco people are added just fine.  Non-Cisco email addresses have to be added one by one.   I'm pretty sure I tried everything.  I'm using the PC app.

Cisco Employee

So you have a mailer with Cisco and non-Cisco email addresses?  Do you get an error for the non-Cisco ones?  Just trying to understand what you're seeing.

(Also - I notice you are a Cisco employee - as am I - feel free to shoot my a message on Spark (chpalerm) if you want to talk live.)


So, here are findings, see below summary how it works with different cases in Outlook, test that it will work same way for you.

1) if you have your people in outlook from your organization, means domain,e.g domain, so what outlook does that presents them in way that you can see Last Name, First Name, (e.g White, John) (this is essential) simply you see Outlook contact, you can mark this address ctrl+c go to Spark ctrl+v and here go, people are invited, you can do it for single one or more people, see below.


2) if you have people in outlook from outside your organization, means e.g, again user has to be in particular Outlook format (Last Name, First Name + some info) then you can ctrl+c and +v copy that to Spark, all people are invited, no error. It can be mix of different organizations including you own. See below.


3) but if you try to add multiple people presented only by email (it is imported) delimited by comma inside or outside organization from Otulook,or any format where is email adress or include @, it is strange but Spark can not handle, one person presented by email that is ok

Cisco Employee

Nice write-up - and now are you using the Windows version?  Mac version?  Or Web version?


@Christopher - this works only for Windows version, no for MAC no for Web version, because I do not why Windows version is slightly different regarding behaviour etc.:)

Cisco Employee

Ah - that explains why I haven't been able to reproduce what you had - since I'm using Spark on Mac!  I'll have to check in with the product team for more info.

Cisco Employee

That's exactly it!  I don't understand why I can add a person manually using an email address but I can't copy / paste an email delimited by a comma.

Cisco Employee

Hey Chris - Thanks for the offer.  I think the mystery has been solved.  Hopefully it gets fixed!

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