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Manual synchronization UCCX


If you are running UCCX 7.0(1) SR4 and after performing a change under the team configuration, this is not being reflected in the supervisor application, the root cause of this could be the following DDTs CSCtd46752 and a manual synchronization comes handy. This process does not affect your call procesing or any other services of your UCCX. Here are the steps to go through the process.

  • If necessary open a RDP or VNC connection towards the UCCX server. (UCCX IP address)

    open CDA.JPG

  • In the CDA go to "Desktop Administrator" menu and select the option for "Site A"

    Site A.JPG

  • The new window will request for a username and password. Default values are username "admin" and live the password as blank.


  • Go over the personnel menu and confirm if your agents appear under  the correct team

    CDA users.JPG

  • If a mis-synchronization occurs between your AppAdmin configuration and what your output displays; you need to perform a manual synchronization to update the team information. In order to accomplish this, please go over "Services Configuration"->"Synchronize Directory  Services" and  click over "Manual Synchronization of Directory Services".

    maual sinc.JPG

  • After the process has ended please go over the personnel menu and confirm if the synchronization was sucessful.
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