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Master phone list for Cisco Jabber for Android



This document is intended to be a single resource to track which Android phones Cisco Jabber for Android will work on.  While Cisco is only able to officially support the few models that we are able to test on we acknowledge that customers will want to run the application on a wide variety of phones. We will use this document to track the results of testing both by Cisco and by the community.

Note that the latest version of the application is available on the Google Play store.  The 8.6(4) version can still be downloaded as a standalone APK from

This document is open for editing by all users.  Please share your experiences with the community.

Definition of "works"

For the purposes of this document a 'Y' in the "Works" column indicates that the application is able to be provisioned and register with UCM.  If there are specific failures or limitations those should be called out in the Notes for the device.

Cisco Jabber for Android 9.0(1)

ManufacturerModelProviderVersion (android or baseband)Works?Notes
Officially Supported Phones
SamsungGalaxy NexusallAndroid 4.0(4)Y

Galaxy SIIAT&TAndroid 2.3Y

Galaxy SIINTT DocomoAndroid 2.3Y

Galaxy S i9000allAndroid 2.3YGT-I9000

Galaxy AceallAndroid 2.3Y

Galaxy TaballAndroid 2.3YGT-P1000
Unsupported Phones
SamsungGalaxy S3Internationalbaseband I9300XXLFB, XXLH1, XXLG8, XXLG8, DXLF3, XXBLF6YGT-I9300

Galaxy S3InternationalAndroid 4.0.4, baseband ends in XXLF2, XXLEF, BOLE5NGT-I9300

Galaxy S3AT&T

baseband ending in LH1


Galaxy S3AT&Tbaseband I747UCLG1NSGH-I747

Galaxy S3AT&Tbaseband I747UCLEMNSGH-I747

Galaxy S3

Verizonbaseband ending in LG7BYSCH-I535

Galaxy S3Verizonbaseband I535VRLF2NSCH-I535

Galaxy S3Sprintbaseband L710VPLG8NSPH-L710

Galaxy S3Three (International)Andriod 4.1.2, baseband I9300NELK2NGT-I9300

Galaxy NoteAT&TAndroid 4.0.4 baseband I717UCLF6YSGH-I717

Galaxy NoteAT&TAndroid 2.3.6 baseband I717UCLA1YSGH-I717

Galaxy Noteunknownbaseband ends in LE6YSGH-I717

Galaxy S2InternationalAndroid 4.0.4 baseband I9100XXLQ8, LQ6YGT-I9100

Galaxy S2Vodafone NLAndroid 4.0.4 baseband I9100BULP8YGT-I9100

Galaxy S2InternationalAndroid 4.0.3 baseband I9100XXLPSNGT-I9100

Galaxy S2InternationalAndroid 4.0.3 baseband I9100BGLP2NGT-I9100

Galaxy S2AT&TAndroid 2.3.6 baseband I777UCKK6YSGH-I777

Galaxy S2T-MobileAndroid 2.3.6 baseband T989UVLDEYSGH-T989

Galaxy S2SprintAndroid 4.0.4 baseband S:D710.10.S.FH13, FL24

Galaxy S3OrangeAndroid 4.0.4 baseband I9300BVLE4NGT-I9300

Galaxy S3SprintAndroid 4.0.4; Baseband L710VPLI3NSPH-L710
HTCDesire S
Android 2.3.5 baseband ends in 10.08.04_MY
HPTouchpadWIFI OnlyFlashed with Android 4.0.4Y
LGNexus 4UnlockedAndroid 4.2.2; Baseband M9615A-CEFWMAZM-2.0.1700.48NNexus 4

Cisco Jabber for Android 8.6(4) and earlier

Note that any device that does not work in a later version is expected to not work in prior versions either.  A duplicate non-working phone in both tables is reserved for a phone that has been specifically tested by a user and found to not work.

ManufacturerModelProviderVersion (android or baseband)Works?Notes
Officially Supported Phones
SamsungGalaxy SIIAT&TAndroid 2.3Y

Galaxy S InternationalallAndroid 2.2.1, 2.3YGT-I9000

Galaxy Tab InternationalallAndroid 2.2.1, 2.3YGT-P1000
Unsupported Phones

Galaxy S3


baseband I747UCLG1



i've added Galaxy S3 from Orange provider , not working impossible to register to CUCM

Tiberie Kirijas

I've successfully registered Jabber on CUCM 8.6 with HTC Desire S with the following specifications:

Android version 2.3.5

Software 2.10.401.8

Kernel 26.35.10



Phillip Ratliff
Cisco Employee

Thanks!  I added the HTC Desire S with your version info to the table.

Brett Hodgden

I've added the following phone to the 9.0(1) unsupported phones.

Galaxy S3SprintAndroid 4.0.4; Baseband L710VPLI3NSPH-L710

Here are some more devices for Jabber 9.0(1):

Asus, Transformer Infinity, N/A, Android 4.0.4, N, TF700T

Asus, Transformer Infinity, N/A, Android 4.1 Kernel 3.1.10, N, TF700T

Azpen, A701, N/A, Android 4.0.1 Baseband 1.5 Kenel 3.0.8, Y,

Samsung, Galaxy Note, all (GSM), Android 2.3.6 Baseband ends in XXLA3, N, GT-N7000

Samsung, Galaxy Tab, N/A, Android 4.0.4 Kernel 3.1.10, Y, GT-P7510

HTC, Hero, US Cellular, Android 2.3.4 Baseband 20.31W.30.0815U_1.11.00.0831, Y, USCCADR6285US


I have Google Nexus 4 running android 4.2.2, incoming calls is working but outgoing calls is not due codecs error which appear on the call statistics


Motorola Atrix (MB860), N/A, Android 2.3.6, N,

All works ... but incoming audio. Strange, DTMF feedback does work. Too bad.

Jiri Solc

I can confirm Jabber IM and Jabber are working on intl. Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-9100 with android 4.0.4.

Any update for Nexus 4?

Ryan Rice

Any updates to this?  Samsung Galaxy S4 came out, jabber installs, won't register.  Android 4.2.2

Jorge Armijo

Awesome doc, adding to my bookmarks now


Add LG L9 with Android 4.1 registered to CUCM 8.6 without any problem for TELCEL Mexico

Community Member

Installed Jabber 9.1.3 on HTC Thunderbolt running  Android 4.0.4 and got to the point where I clicked verify to connect to the server. My support guy said that it should prompt me for credentials, but it doesn't and now he says that the HTC Thunderbolt is not supported (by referring to this forum). Does anyone know if that is the case or is it just misconfiguration on his part?


Did anyone get Jabber already working on Samsung S4 with CUCM 9.1?

Model number: GT-I9500

Android version: 4.2.2

Baseband version: I9500XXUBMF8

Build number: JDQ29.I9500XXUBMF8

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