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MCS Server giving prompt "At Least one service or driver failed during system startup"



Problem Description

After installing Windows 2000/2003 Server on MCS-7825-H2 (may apply for other MCS as well) when server is restarted, we get Application Popup saying "At Least one service or driver failed during system startup. Use Event Viewer to examine the event log for details". But under System Event Log no warning/error is logged for Event Source: Service Control Manager giving any information regarding any service or driver failures.

How To Fix

The above error comes up if there is any USB Keyboard/Mouse attached to the MCS Server. In order to fix the above popup, please make sure there is no USB input device attached before the server boots up. Once the Windows is loaded i.e., login prompt comes up, you can attach the USB input device.

The above popup doesn't comes up if we are using PS2 mouse/keyboard.

Additional Information

Similar bug CSCsd12127- "Install MCS OS on 2000.4.x and 2003.x.x with USB device attached fails" exist for Callmanager MCS Operaring System (eg., OS 2000.4.x,2003.x.x etc.). Description of this bug is below :


Customer installing new CCM, CER, CRS server on any MCS Server Supported in 2000.4.1, 2000.4.3, 2000.4.4 and 200.4.5, 2003.1.1, 2003.1.2 releases(MCS-7825-H1, MCS-7825-H2, MCS-7825-H3, MCS-7825-I1, MCS-7825-I2, MCS-7825-I3, MCS-7816-I1, MCS-7835-H1, MCS-7835-H2, MCS-7845-H1, MCS-7845-H2, MCS-7835-I1, MCS-7835-I2, MCS-7845-I1 and MCS-7845-I2) would fail during OS load with error could not format drive C or drive D.


Initially thought we were dealing with bad hardware since but CSCsb85373 did not apply (SATA Raid was enabled and BIOS was above the requirement).


However in the end the problem was that a USB device was plugged into server at time of load(USB devices should not be used, including a USB keyboard and USB mouse, on a server that does have PS2 input ports for Key board and Mouse example, MCS-7825-H2 server) .



All MCS Servers Supported in 200.4.x and 2003.1.x USB device attached to server



Remove USB device from server and reattempt load. Make sure that you are not also running into CSCsb85373.


Further Problem Description:

Important to know that it was not important this was a CER install. Anyone using hardware MCS servers supported in 2000.4.x and 2003.1.x releases and having any type of USB device attached will likely see this issue.

Another Similar bug is CSCdv46078 which is for SPE310.

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