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Walkthrough Wednesdays

MGCP Gateway Design with CVP



It is not possible to directly use MGCP gateways with the CVP. MGCP gateways are controlled by a Call Agent (CUCM or PGW). There is a design implementation where an MGCP gateway initiates calls to the MGCP call agent (CUCM or PGW) the call agent then sends an H225 setup or SIP invite to CVP. In essence, such calls become a CUCM or PGW initiated calls for CVP.

If using SIP trunk to route the call to CVP please ensure that RFC2833 is selected as the DTMF Signaling Method. Also please make sure that MTP is selected for enabling special transfer scenarios from the agent to CVP.

So while it is true that there is no direct interface from an MGCP gateway to CVP, you can achieve it by routing MGCP calls via the call agent to CVP. The call will arrive at the MGCP gateway first, and call agent will initiate the H.323/SIP session to CVP.

But there are some caveats to it. For example

  • It will require that `MTP required` be checked on the CUCM's gateway configuration page for the H323 gateway and SIP trunk that represents the CVP Call Server
  • It is not possible to use CVP call survivability on the ingress MGCP gateway in this configuration
  • It seems to be required to have "mgcp dtmf-relay voip codec all mode nte-ca" and "mgcp package-capability fm-package" configured on the gateway