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Migration Guide: BE5000 to BE6000


This is the BE5k-to-BE6k Migration Guide,

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I am re-posting this question from user jacquelinea96 on May 23, 2013. The post was accidently deleted when the document was updated by Cisco.

"This documentation says that you must upgrade the CUCM 9.1 prior to migration, but not the CUC. In the new documentation for drive to 9, they are allowing upgrades directly to 9.1(2) (available at the end of June) to keep upgrading the client's system before migrating to UCS at a minimum.

Is the BE5k going to be able to migrate to the BE6k 9.1(2) without upgrading their current system? Or is that not possible because this is an export/import and not a DRS backup/restore?"

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We're currently running UCMBE 5000 on a Cisco MCS-7828-H3, so I know we can at least upgrade to 9.0, although we were hoping of getting off the hardware and virtualizing this year.  We have 370DLUs, which after consulting Cisco Licensing support will migrate to 100 x User Connect Enhanced licenses with Basic Messaging (Voicemail).  We do have activate UCSS/ESW contracts. 

Looking for some guidance on what our options are? Can we simply upgrade to 9.0, migrate to BE 6000 using B-Series TRC and be good to go?


I see this documented migration approach involves using the COBRAS import/export tool yet does not indicate what COBRAS does not backup and restore.  According to the latest help file on COBRAS it still does not get:

COBRAS Does Not Get:

  • Class of Service
  • Restriction tables
  • Locations
  • Contacts (includes SMTP/AMIS/Bridge/VPIM subscribers)
  • Holidays for Unity (Connection Holidays are included in the backups)
  • System configuration data such as switch configuration, LDAP integration details, IMAP login data, RSA configuration, advanced settings etc..
  • Subscriber templates
  • Call Handler templates
  • Password policy information
  • Mailstore details - this includes aging policies and message expiration rules.

Am I missing something or would you not have to manually recreate the COS, restrictions tables, templates and aging polices to complete the migration in full?



The Jump upgrade or Upgrades to 9.1(2) is for CUCM versions as specified in the respective documents at

However for BE5K the migration path is

BE 5k -> upgrade to 9.x -> then migrate to BE6K (please make sure the BE6K hardware compatibility)


BE 5k -> upgrade to 9.x -> then migrate to CUCM (Please make sure you are covered for licensing)

Another posibility to cover, since this is also possible; is to export endpoints and data, sanitize it for your target version and Import the endpoints and data and recreate the dial plan. You will have to consult the licensing team so you are covered on that front.





What about original call detail records (CDR) after the migration?



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