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Mismatched number of agents between ICM and Avaya CMS


Core Issue

The site that uses Peripheral Gateway real-time information does not match Intelligent Contact Management (ICM) information. ICM real-time shows agents logged on and available when they are not. Even with a fewer number of agents for primary skill with preference 1, ICM shows many more in the available state and continues to send calls as if that many agents were available.


In order to resolve this issue, first complete these steps:

  1. Verify that the Call Management Server (CMS) and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) are supported versions.

  2. Make sure that CVAgentLogonSupported is set to 0.

  3. Verify that SmartAgentStateTimer is set to 1800.

  4. Verify that CTIAgentEventFlushTimeoutInMilliSeconds is set to 0 Ran OPCTEST >>List Agent for a specific skill.

This issue occurs if there are reserve agents configured. By default, these reserve agents are assigned to subskill 51 and 52.

In order to resolve this, add this configuration parameter to the Peripheral Gateway:

/r1pref 0 /r2pref 0

This setting causes ICM to ignore any reserve agents.

Refer to Mismatched Number of Agents Between ICM and Avaya CMS for more information.

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