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Walkthrough Wednesdays

Mobile Collaboration Vision - iPhone (Mac)


Experience Cisco's Mobile Collaboration Vision.

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What do you think of this vision?  What are your likes and what's missing?  Feedback appreciated.

Laura Douglas

Your Collaboration Community Manager


Could not get any of the files to open


Can we get a video that opens in Win Media Player

Thanks, Tom


The demos were done in Adobe Flash. Try downloading the PC versions for the iPhone and BlackBerry. Let me know if you still encounter problems. I'll investigate if it's possible to covert these to other video formats. Cheers. Gerard


The "fixed-to-mobile" vision is very compelling. This presentation provides a vivid use-case in enterprise settings, which could provide the sort of "aha" moment or moments that your help build awareness. In a way it feels more like a promotion of the iPhone features (even though we all know that there's a lot going on "inside the network" or "inside the cloud").

In terms of showing a "vision", I think that this was very good at displaying the state of the wireless internet to support m-commerce, connected versus unconnected state, location awareness, all in the context of corporate policy and business rules. Joining a meeting and bringing in tagged information is a nice touch and displays the most important aspects of collaboration, i.e. sharing.

What's missing is "self-publishing" - which is the most visible aspect of the current darlings of social media - Twitter, Facebook and a number of review sites that are going to be interwoven with customer care strategies.

This begs a longer treatment, which I'm happy to provide, surrounding customer care in the age of collaboration. Cisco has the potential to be a big participant by supporting initiatives that glom customer facing social media, CRM, contact center and broadband IP infrastructure.

More to come.


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