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Monitoring current call volume on gateway using Cisco prime collaboration






This document covers the procedure on how to monitor the current call volume on gateway using Cisco Prime Collaboration.


About Cisco Prime Collaboration


Cisco Prime Collaboration provides a unified view of the entire IP communications infrastructure. It presents the current operational status of each element of the IP communications network. Cisco Prime Collaboration continuously monitors the current operational status of different IP communications elements, such as:
CUCM, CUCME, Cisco Unity, Cisco Unified Contact Center, Cisco gateways, Cisco IP Phones etc.


Problem Description


There are queries from the customers asking, Is there a way to monitor the current call volume for the calls through the gateways configured with H.323 and SIP trunks using Cisco Prime Collaboration ?




  • Answer is Yes, you can monitor the current call volume on gateways. There's a "Calls Active" value available when you right click on the gateway and choose Performance. "This value represents the number of streaming connections that are currently active (in use); in other words, the number of calls that actually have a voice path connected."
  • Calls in setup mode or in teardown mode are not reported by this count.
  • View the performance report or graphs for Active Calls (Number) on a Cisco UBE by selecting the Performance right-click option from the UC Topology View.
  • The minimum and maximum of this value can also be collected over time for capacity planning purposes.
  • Real-time graphing of this parameter, compared with expected values based on historical data, is useful in detecting subtle system performance degradation (generally by detecting that the real-time number of calls active is below expected values compared to the same time-of-day/day-of-week baseline values).



For monitoring PRI channels, there is a "PRI Channels Active" value available.

This value represents the total number of B channels that are holding active voice calls. Collection of this data over time is used to understand call patterns and busy-hour peak calls. Baseline data can be used to detect real-time underutilization of circuits, an indication of possible system performance degradation (including otherwise hard-to-detect PSTN call routing or circuit-down conditions). Data trending allows for circuit growth and provisioning planning.

  • View the performance report or graphs for PRI channel utilization on a Cisco UBE by selecting the Performance right-click option from the UC Topology View.
  • To view related counters, go to Detailed Device View > IOS Gateway Port Usage.


More information on Managing Cisco UBE and Performance monitoring



Managing Cisco UBE

For Cisco Prime Collaboration to manage a Cisco Unified Voice Gateway, you must add the latter to Cisco Prime Collaboration using Operate > Device Work Center. When you want to add a Cisco UBE, keep the following information nearby:
• The IP address or hostname
• The SNMP read-only credentials

Once the Cisco UBE has been added and Cisco Prime Collaboration has collected the required inventory details from the device, Cisco Prime Collaboration marks the device as Managed. This signals that the Cisco UBE has been successfully added and is being managed by Cisco Prime Collaboration.

Performance Monitoring


Cisco Prime Collaboration performs trending of the following categories on a Cisco UBE:

• Resource usage (DSP and its channels)
• Call statistics (active calls)
• Trunk statistics (trunk usage at DS0 level, port usage, gateway statistics)
• MTP and Transcoder Sessions usage
• Total, Inbound, Outbound Call Volume both at interface and dial-peer level
You can view the performance report or graphs over the past 7 days by selecting the Performance right-click option on the device from the UC Topology View, and then selecting the performance parameter that you want to view. You can view multiple performance reports or graphs in a single screen

Aman Soi


Good DOC for monitoring PRI channel usage.

Can we use Prime Assurance for VG configured as MGCP or it is for H.323 only ?



Cisco Employee


you can monitor MGCP gateways as well with Prime Collab Assurance.



Vaijanath Sonvane
VIP Advocate


Is it possible to monitor SIP Trunk UP/Down Status using Cisco Prime Collaboration?




Yes, you can see it in the Gateway Diagnostic Portal

Jim Whitten, PM

Aman Soi

Hi Jim,

I am using Prime Assurance.

Can u please let me know the exact flow where we can get this option ? Also, do we need to configure anyhting for SIP Trunks in Prime.



  • operate, diagnose, Diagnostic summary
  • select a cluster to go to cluster diagnostic summary
  • look at route group utilization
  • or - select a gatway and go to the performance tab to create a custom page
Jeffrey Jones

So we have 2 pairs of cisco cubes, we want alerts setup in prime that let us know if the cubes stop responding and switch to the secondary. Has anyone got this working or attempted too?



Sharleen Suarez

Can it also monitor H323 E1 R2 trunk?

Giovanni Sciotti


is it possible also to monitor audio quality passing through a Cisco CUBE with Voice Quality MIBs and Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance and Analytics?



Giovanni Sciotti

Great post, i have a question: is it possible to activate an email notification when a voice interface up/down occours? (for isdn BRI and PRI).



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