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MPP Localisation


Daylight Savings Time Rule Configuration

Daylight savings configuration can be found under Voice --> Regional --> Time



Daylight Savings Time Rule Examples

The following example configures daylight savings time for the USA, starting at midnight on the first Sunday in April and ending at midnight on the last Sunday in October

  • Start=4/1/7;end=10/-1/7;save=1

The following example configures daylight savings time for New Zealand, starting at midnight on the first Sunday of October and ending at midnight on the third Sunday in March

  • start=10/1/7;end=3/-22/7;save=1
  • 22 in the example above means before the 22nd of the month

The following example configures daylight savings time for the UK, starting at 01:00 on the last Sunday in March and ending at 02:00 on the last Sunday in October

  • start=3/-1/7/1;end=10/-1/7/2;save=1

Daylight Savings can also be configured using the below xml parameters:

<Set_Local_Date__mm_dd_yyyy_ ua="na"/>

<Set_Local_Time__HH_mm_ ua="na"/>

<Time_Zone ua="na">GMT</Time_Zone>

<Time_Offset__HH_mm_ ua="na"/>

<Ignore_DHCP_Time_Offset ua="na">Yes</Ignore_DHCP_Time_Offset>

<Daylight_Saving_Time_Rule ua="na">Start=4/1/7;end=10/-1/7;save=1</Daylight_Saving_Time_Rule>

<Daylight_Saving_Time_Enable ua="na">Yes</Daylight_Saving_Time_Enable>


Phone Display Language/Dictionary Server Script

You can change the phone display language by using the dictionary server script and language selection.

Configuration can be found under Voice --> Regional --> Language

To enable the options, set up a dictionary for each language that you want to include. To do this, specify a pair of the dn and xn parameters and values in the Dictionary Server Script field, for each language that you want to include.

Please note: 

In these parameter specifications, n denotes a serial number. This number determines the
sequential order in which the language options are displayed in the Settings menu of the phone.
0 is reserved for US-English, which has a default dictionary. You can use it optionally, to
specify your own dictionary.
Use numbers starting with 1 for other languages.


Example for including French and German:

Based on the above Dictionary Server Script, in order to change the Phone Display Language to French, follow these steps:

  1. Login to http://IP_ADDRESS_PHONE/admin/advanced
  2. Navigate to Voice --> Regional --> Language
  3. Change the values as per screenshot below

Please note that your Language Selection will have to match the descriptive name given on the Dictionary Server Script, in the case French.


These are great examples, but I am having some trouble understanding the exact values and what they mean, is their any detailed documentation on the valid values?


For example my phone was working fine, until daylight savings stopped Yesterday in Australia.  Now my phone is 1 hour behind, but I "think" my values are correct:



If I read my End Date, I presume 4=April, 1=First, 7=Sunday 2=Starting at 2am?

Cisco Employee

Hi Ross, 

Your daytime saving rule seems correct. 

Do you have this set to yes?: 

<Daylight_Saving_Time_Enable ua="na">Yes</Daylight_Saving_Time_Enable>
What firmware version are you using? 
Do you have the correct locale installed? 
You can find more details on these values on page 406/407 of the admin guide 
Hi Geovani,

Thanks for your help. I notice this morning that the time is correct, and I didn’t pay much attention after yesterday morning.

Locale: en-US
Time Zone = GMT +10:00
Daylight Saving Time Rule: start=10/1/7/2;end=4/1/7/2;save=1
Daylight Saving Time Enable: Yes
Software Load is: sip8845_65.11-3-1MPP-697.loads

So I wonder:

1. What timezone does the Daylight Savings rule use when it calculates the start and end times, possibly it was using GMT or en-US?
2. Would changing locale to en-AU make a difference to timezone usage, or is it purely a language setting?
Cisco Employee

Hi Ross, 

To be honest I'm not entirely sure what timezone daylight savings would use, but its likely that its using what ever the Locale is set to. 

Changing the locale, not only have an effect on language settings, but also on date and time format, to conform with the local standards. So if you change the locale it might also change date and time, but you can always change it back using their own parameters. 


Unfortunately this is not documented really well, but I'd suggest changing the locale to en-AU.