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Multiservice Debug Lookup Tool


The Voice Debug Lookup tool provides the most useful debug and show commands used to resolve a given type of voice-related problem. There are many different and distinct categories for a voice problem in a network. This tool clearly identifies the most helpful debug and show commands toward a resolution given the protocols, features, platform, and functionality used in your voice network. The user identifies the protocols, features, platform, and functionality, with the provision that the problem experienced is directly or indirectly related to these aspects of the network. The tool then lists the most helpful debug and show commands which are collected from the network.

The information provided by this tool enables the Cisco Technical Support engineer to resolve your problem faster and more efficiently when you open a Technical Support service request. It also familiarizes you further with the problem and the associated debug and show commands to identify the source of the problem. The tool does not explain how to interpret the debug and show command output.

This tool is in existence for quiet sometime and it has been revamped recently. 

1. We have sort function based on Hardware Platform

2. We have added new Product support

3. We have added new problem scope

4. Updated Show / Debug Command list 

Tool is accessible from here.

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