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New Webex Meetings experience (WBS33.3) - Aug2018


Cisco Webex Meetings recently introduced (via WBS33.3 release, GA Aug2018) a new desktop app and new user experience to deliver simpler, more modern video meetings.


Let's have a look in 4 most important enhancements in my view:

1) New Webex Meetings Desktop app

new webex meetings desktop app.PNG

In the past we had two apps: Productivity Tools app (used for scheduling via outlook and other tasks) and Desktop App (launched when you joined a webex meeting from browser).

Now one single App (Webex Meetings Desktop App) with a new video-centric UX covers all functions (including one-click to start or join a meeting, scheduling and new in-meeting functions). 

2) New Video layouts 

In the past, Webex Meetings offered active speaker layout only but today it provides rich set of layouts for users to choose. Highlight is the 5x5 grid layout that you can see 25 video participants!  Also lock focus function (see more here) has been added. 

multiple layout options.PNG

3) New Webex site design for hosts

Hosts use webex site (usually to login and schedule meetings or finetune their webex services (Personal Room, etc.). 

modern view.PNG

Webex site has been redesigned to provide simplified layout and navigation and modernized look and feel. We still have classic view available for users to choose (at the moment modern view has a subset of classic view but we are working on feature parity). 

4) Extended Proximity

Webex automatically (using proximity function (ultrasounds)) detects nearby Video endpoints and asks you whether you want to use them for your meeting. Or you can even use this to share your screen locally without being in a meeting. 

  Extended Proximity.PNG

** Note: today this works only for on-premises registered Video endpoints. Does not work for cloud-registered endpoints (expecting support in upcoming months).


Check this nice 3-min video to see more:

 Introducing the New Cisco Webex Meetings Desktop App and UI - youtube video


For more details on these enhancements:

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Partner resources:

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DISCLAIMER: this post was created in order to provide useful info to Cisco partners and customers in my area (Greece/Cyprus and Malta).  For official and updated information, please consult cisco documentation, datasheets and ordering guides.

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