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Not able to Pull CDR / CUCM showing NULL CDR / 10021 there are no matching records while pulling CDR


Hi Experts,


I am writing this blog for work around for the following error while pulling the CDR resports "10021 there are no matching records".


Please follow the below work around:


  • Please verify the CDR configuration on System->Service Parameters in the CUCM Administration.
  • Please check the relevant services for CDR on the specific nodes on CUCM Serviceability


If the service parameter for CDR is set to True and services are up then check the follwoing

---------------You can use the following to see the status of CDR Load for any particular DATE-----------------------------------------

Cisco Unified Reporting
System>Log Screens>Event Log

Select CDR Load push it right and then select the date to see CDR report card.



If the services are up and running now proceed to restart the services, please note there is not impact of these services restart and can be done even during bussiness hours


Before the services restart you will have to Disable Loader


System > Scheduler > CDR Load
Uncheck "Continuous Loading 24/7" check "Disable Loader" and Click "UPDATE"

1. go to Cisco Unified Serviceability > Tools > Control Center - Feature Services

restart CDR Services

Cisco SOAP - CDRonDemand Service
Cisco CAR Web Service

2. Then go to Cisco Unified Serviceability > Tools > Control Center - Network Services(or you can directly go to Network services using related links on Feature Services)

restart all the CDR services (except Cisco CAR DB - you can not restart this service)
Cisco CDR Repository Manager
Cisco CDR Agent
Cisco CAR Scheduler
Cisco SOAP - CallRecord Service

Follow 1 and 2 on all the nodes.

Once all the services are restarted

Go back to Cisco Unified Reporting

System > Scheduler > CDR Load
Uncheck "Disable Loader" check "Continuous Loading 24/7" and Click "UPDATE"

Wait for sometime(depends upon your size of cluster, may takes even few hours before you can see the CDR)


You can use PUB CLI to see the files
admin:file list activelog /cm/cdr_repository/preserve
admin:file list activelog /cm/cdr_repository/processed
It will show the date then you can use the date to view the the entries for that date using following command
admin:file list activelog /cm/cdr_repository/preserve/20190123

The last line of the output will be like below

dir count = 0, file count = 971

The count with every refresh(means executing the same command after few seconds) must decrease in preserve and at the same time increase in processed

admin:file list activelog /cm/cdr_repository/processed/20190123


*20190123 here means Jan, 23rd, 2019


Thanks Muk


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