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On a Cisco IOS voice gateway, users receive the TDM: guido_port_dsp_connect:


Core Issue

These error messages could be due to one of these Cisco bug IDs:

  • CSCed67369: 2600xm guido_port_dsp_connect: vic connect failed and SegV crash.

    Although the release notes enclosure of the bug mention that this problem may be observed on a Cisco 2611XM CPE that runs Cisco IOS release 12.3(4)T2 and that is configured with an NM-HD-2V, this is a platform-independent software bug. The problem can be encountered on any Cisco IOS  voice gateway.

  • CSCeh59299: guido_port_dsp_connect: vic connect failed messages displayed.

    The Cisco IOS voice gateway displays the two error messages. However, these error messages need not be followed by the gateway crash or reload. Although the Release Note Enclosure (RNE) of the bug mentions that this problem may be observed on a Cisco 2610XM that runs Cisco IOS Software Release 12.3(14)T and that functions as a gateway, this problem may be observed on other gateways also.

    This problem might result in the degradation of voice performance, and the gateway has to be rebooted. This Digital Signal Processor (DSP) failure might result in the failure of inbound or outbound PRI calls.

  • CSCef67454: dsprm reports error after repeated shut/no shut on trunk.

    Voice port on NM-HD-2VE (E&M) interfaces that are configured for connection trunk to multicast get stuck due to shut/no-shut. This causes dspfarm errors and and the trunk fails to come up until the reboot of the router. This might result in the failure of incoming calls or lack of dial tone.

    For example, this represents a voice port that is trunked to a multicast address. Repeated shut or no shut reproduces the reported issue. The 3/0/1 g711ulaw y S_CONNECT S_TRUNKED dsp error messages show in the logs:

    TDM: guido_port_dsp_connect: vic connect failed
    flex_dsprm_voice_connect: voice tdm connect failed

    A subsequent shut/no shut does not recover the port.



To overcome the problem documented in Cisco bug ID CSCed67369, upgrade the Cisco IOS version to either 12.3(8.3)T or 12.3(11)T.

To overcome the problem documented in Cisco bug ID CSCeh59299, perform one of these workarounds:

  • Reset the Cisco IOS gateway.   

  • Add the no local-bypass global command to the router configuration as shown:   


voice-port 1/0/0

      timeout wait-release 2<

      timeout call-disconnect 2


      no shut

      voice-card 1

      no local-bypass



If these procedures are not successful, upgrade or downgrade the Cisco IOS version to either 12.3(11)T7 or 12.3(11)T8.

To overcome the problem documented in Cisco bug ID CSCef67454, power cycle the router.

If this does not solve the problem, upgrade the Cisco IOS version to 12.3(11.5)T or later or to 12.3(12.12)T1 or later.

Use the latest 12.3(14)T version available or the latest 12.4 mainline Cisco IOS version available (12.3T became 12.4 mainline).

To download the above appropriate Cisco IOS versions, refer to Software Center (Downloads): Cisco IOS Software.

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