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On Cisco CallManager 3.x, users are unable to transfer calls, and they receive the "database error" message


Core Issue

Users are unable to forward phones, and phones that are currently forwarded can not be unforwarded. When attempting to forward phones, the phones display a database error message.  In this instance, restarting the database layer has no effect, and rebooting Cisco CallManger has no effect.

Another symptom may be that changes made in Cisco CallManager Admin do not take effect on phones registered with the subscriber.


These symptoms point to a database replication problem between the publisher and one of the subscribers. Most of the time, there are Event Viewer errors to accompany the failure to forward calls. The subscription relationship between the publisher and the subscribers must be rebuilt. To recreate this relationship, perform these steps:

  • The subscriber's subscription must be recreated on the publisher server.   
  • The subscription on the subscriber needs to be deleted, then recreated.

For more details on this procedure for Cisco CallManager 3.3(x) and CallManager 4.x, refer to Reestablishing a Broken CallManager Cluster SQL Subscription with Cisco CallManager.