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Walkthrough Wednesdays

Ordering CWMS deployment media


1.       Ensure they have a valid UCSS and ESW contract numbers

2.       Go to Product Upgrade Tool

3.       Authenticate with your CCO ID

4.       Enter UCSS contract number, select Advanced option, and click Continue

5.       If needed, enter the corresponding ESW contract number, and click Continue

6.       In the list of available products find the following:

   Cisco WebEx Meetings Server that supports Audio Encryption has product numbers:

    • MP-WMS-MIG-K9=                    MP to MTGS SRVR- Phys       Deliv -Standard Encrypt         -       for physical delivery,
    • R-MP-WMS-MIG-K9=                 MP to MTGS SRVR - E       Deliv - Standard       Encrypt                    - for e-delivery   - this one is for e-delivery, to be able to       download it

   Cisco WebEx Meetings Server that doesn’t support Audio Encryption has product numbers:

    • MP-WMS-MIG-AU-K9=        MP MTGS SRVR- Phys Deliv -Audio       Unencrypt                     - for physical delivery,
    • R-MPWMS-MIG-AU-K9=           MP       to MTGS SRVR - E Deliv -Audio       Unencrypt                      - for e-delivery

7.       Choose the one you prefer, enter the quantity, and complete the order (it can take several minutes for the processing, so please be patient). Note down the SO# once you complete this order.

8.       Keep in mind that for this product, you will need to submit A2Q form. The A2Q review is used to validate system architecture prior to the shipment and implementation of the software. To submit A2Q questionnaire, please visit and select the Cisco WebEx Meetings Server (CWMS) questionnaire.  The questionnaire will be reviewed and, upon approval, the software download will be approved. In the A2Q questionnaire, you will be asked for the SO#. Make sure you use the SO# from Step 7.

If you require any assistance with the order after you performed all these steps, you should reach out to Cisco Customer Service and reference the SO# you noted in step 7:  . Please, do not reach out to Cisco TAC as we don't have any tools or means to manage software orders.