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Partner Program to obtain Webex "mytrial" referral URL



As a Cisco Registered Partner we are interested in reselling cloud-based Webex Meeting Center licenses to professionals and SMBs. We would like to sell these licenses in a similar way as products/services are sold in affiliate marketing: via a partner-specific URL. If a trial account would be converted into a paid account, we would then receive a sales commission.

I noticed that Cisco provides this kind of personalized URL to track the origin of Webex Meeting. This should enable Cisco Webes channel sales teams to identify the referrer (i. e. partner) of each trial which has been converted into a paid Webex account.


(I just googled that.)

(Trial URL used by a German Cisco account manager)

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any resources on Cisco PartnerCentral which describe the process for creating a partner-specific Webex Meeting Center trial URL. I would be glad to receive information on how to obtain this kind of partner-specific URL. Would I need to liaise with a Cisco  distributor for UC/Webex products to get such a URL from him (as Webex Small Business Offers can only be made based on a 2 tier reseller model)?

Thank you very much!


Robert Harnischmacher

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Robert, thanks for the post and interest.  We have 2 ways for our Partners to sell WebEx.  1st, we have added the most sold WebEx products into the Cisco price list.  This allows our Cisco UC Partners to sell WebEx licenses to their customers...see the URL below.  These offers look very much like a SmartNet sku that is sold for a 1 or multi-year sale and needs to be renewed.

The 2nd Partner program is directly aligned to the SaaS model, where a Partner sells the Customer a WebEx offer via a monthly subscription, bills the customer monthly, and provides complete lifecycle support.  This is a fairly complex undertaking and mainly focused for those Conferencing Service Providers that combine an integrated Audio / Web solution.

As for trial sites, we don't currently have a way to register new sites through our Partners via the Cisco price list model.  It can be done via the SaaS model.  We have not stopped trying but as of now do not have a solution for our Partners to give trial sites.  The best way to move forward is to engage your Cisco or WebEx AM and have them help with a trial.

Jeff Bruce

WW Partner Org

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