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PCD Migration - no data found in new cluster




I just completed the PCD migration task from source (10.5) to the destination (12.5.1), all the task completed with below error 

The task could not be scheduled since it did not contain any task actions waiting to be scheduled.


I can verify that all the UC nodes have been installed with given network settings. 

Tasks in brief;

1. Export configuration from cluster nodes - Successful. 

2. Install destination CUCM publisher - Successful 

3. Install destination IM P Publisher - Failed - (later manually deployed the server) 

4. Install destination nodes with new network information - Subscriber 01 - Successful. 

5. Install destination nodes with new network information - Subscriber 02 - Successful. 

6. Install destination nodes with new network information - IM and P Subscriber 01 - Successful.

7. Shutdown CUCM Publisher (Optional) - [I removed the shutdown task from the option, but Export User-Facing Features Data from source and Import User-Facing Features Data to the destination is successful) - 

8. same as above for IM&P Publisher - Failed

9. Same as above for CUCM Subscriber nodes - Successful


But when I browse the new UCM publisher, I don't see any dial plan, phone or user or any other configuration in the source cluster in the new call manager.  


I also noticed that there is no import data task (export data in the first step) in the Migration task, is it as expected or I miss something here. ??


any idea what may be the best way to import/migrate the data into the new UC cluster?







So you ran a PCD migration task correct?  Not a new install task?


I would try again delete the new nodes it created and make a migration task.  Then you have your source nodes, then your destination node cluster already defined.  it should work.

I followed the correct steps. PCD logs say everything went well. verified with Cisco TAC and he couldn't find any errors in the logs. tried second-time the same issue. t

third time all went well. All data migrated to the new system. 

Thanks for your comment anyway.  

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