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Phone to Phone Same Node SIP Basic Trace Overview

Cisco Employee


This is part of a trace reading video series. The link below is to the main page of the video series.

Link to the home page

Here are the logs if you want to download them:

First we find the dialed digits using dd="<number dialed>"

Then we can find the Digit Analysis DmPidRes and get the PID for the called device, the first CI, and the CDCC.

Searching on the first CI we can get the SIPCdpc for party 1 and the second CI.

After we know the SipCdpc for party 1 we can search on it and quickly get the SIP Call-id. 


Searching on the SIP Call-id for the first call leg we can get the SIP messages for that leg.


With the SIPStationCdfc we can see when the party went off hook and what digits they dialed if they are doing overlap sending and receiving.


Searching on CI two we can get the SIP messages for the second call leg.


More information from the call can be gathered by going back through the search outputs of the CI's, SIPCdpc's, SIPStationCdfc's,  and CDCC's.


Another great video...I am trying to trace an outbound PSTN call to a SIP trunk.

If I trace for dd=  I don't find anything....will  a SIP PSTN call show something different different?

Cisco Employee

Thanks, Jonathan.

Make sure you've extracted all the logs. This video series build on information from previous videos. I recommend going through everything on the main page before getting into all the trace reading videos.




Good day, the video is not available to play. Is there a new URL that i should refer for this video?


Please advise




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