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Point-to-Point SIP Calling Option between Poly Endpoints



Hi All,


We have various Poly Life-Size Codec with an RMA and gatekeeper and we have a new requirement where a site wants to be able to use their Poly codec to call SIP to other VTC's or IP smartphones. 


This may be to reduce the cost of T-1 circuits. 


We have Cisco Call Manager 11.x and several 2800 Voice Gateway Routers interconnected between sites. We have a combination of Cisco Call Manager and CUE's. 


The question is can we do Point to Point SIP between codecs and Codecs to IP Star Phones and bypass our routing infrastructure and avoid purchasing additional equipment, services or even going through Call Manager which would require us to alter our dial plan on the voice gateway. 


We are just trying to find a simple solution that we can enable with existing capabilities in our infrastructure. 


Please advise


Thank you



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Seems there would be a way to inter route between RMA and CUCM but before that, you would need to have neighboring,SIP trunking or search rules on both ends


Logically you would need to set search rules with defined dial plans and indicate on which trunk the call should be routed.If you have a structured dial plan then you may need to do the following 

Establish SIP trunk between RMA & CUCM 

Define search rules based on the number dialed 

Enable bandwidth priority (min 512kbps to 1024)


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