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Power over Ethernet cannot be configured or enabled due to a missing jumper cable on a 2800 ISR with HWIC-D-9ESW-POE module



To determine if inline power is available, issue the show power inline command.

If the command indicates that no inline power is availabe, there is likely either no inline daughter card or a problem with the daughter card or inline power supply. In this particular case, the jumper cable between the inline power daughter card and inline power supply is missing.

Note: This part number (HWIC-D-9ESW-POE) should be ordered only if you require inline power. It includes the inline power daughterboard. However, you must also order the matching internal power supply to support in-line power on a Cisco 2800 or Cisco 3800 router. The jumper cable is delivered with the internal power supply.

For ordering information on Intermediate Session Routing (ISRs) bundled with inline power and inline power components, refer to Cisco EtherSwitch 4- and 9-Port High-Speed WAN Interface Cards.

For installation and verification information on these components, including daughter card installation, refer to the Verifying daughterboard installation section of Connecting Cisco 10/100BaseT Ethernet Switch High-Speed WAN Interface Cards.

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