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PowerPoint slide show does not work inside the MeetingRoom of a Cisco MeetingPlace web conference


Core Issue

An attachment can be uploaded, but the presentation can be viewed only through preview or by clicking on the Attachment tab. The presentation cannot be viewed in Presentation/Slide Show mode.


This problem could be caused by the URLScan filter within WWWServiceMaster Properties Internet Services Application Programming Interface (ISAPI) filters that come with Cisco Media Convergence Servers (MCSs). This prohibits PowerPoint slides from being viewed inside the MeetingRoom.

The removal of the URLScan filter resolves this problem. To remove the URLScan ISAPI filter, perform these steps:

  1. Launch the Internet Service Manager (IIS) by selecting Start > Programs > Administrative Tools.
  2. Right click the Hostname and choose Properties.
  3. In the master properties drop-down menu, make sure that WWW Service is      selected, and click Edit.
  4. The WWW Service Master Properties dialog box appears.
  5. Click on ISAPI Filters Tab.
  6. Select URLScan from the list of installed filters and click      Remove.
  7. Click Apply and OK to validate the changes.
  8. Click OK on the previous screen and close the IIS application.
  9. Stop the Cisco MeetingPlace web conferencing master service, and then start      it.
  10. Restart the Cisco MeetingPlace web conferencing master service.
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