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PrecisionHD 4X Camera Connectivity Problems


PrecisionHD 4X Camera (CTS-PHD-1080P4XS1=) Connectivity Problems and Recovery Information.

Current revision is dated November 28, 2012.

NOTE: Starting with TC5.1.5, a recovery method for cameras in a failed initialization state can be run from the codec. This recovery method can be run remotely with the camera connected as normal to the codec, with no extra cables or configuration.

The recovery procedure found in TC5.1.5 can be used with cameras displaying symptoms of a failed initialization:

  • LED located on the top of the camera is on solid amber even though camera is not in a call
  • Camera does not respond to controls nor does it send video
  • Codec API command "xstatus camera" shows Connected status as False

Please see the document for more information regarding the TC5.1.5 camera recovery procedure.

NOTE: TC 5.1.5 was released on November 23rd, 2012, and contains both corrected camera firmware and a new recovery procedure for failed cameras. TC 5.1.5 is available for download on CCO.

NOTE: If a PrecisionHD 4X camera is currently not displaying any symptoms of a failed initialization and operating normally, an upgrade to TC4.2.4 or TC5.1.3 or higher is mandatory to prevent the issues listed in this document from occurring. Please see the Field Notice for more information on affected models.

A field notice has also been released for cameras displaying symptoms of a failed camera initalization (details listed under "Failed Camera Boot – Failed Initialization" in the document below):

FN - 63534 - PrecisionHD 1080p 4x Camera Does Not Boot up Due to Checksum Validation Failure - S/W Upgrade Recommended


It is important to note that downgrading the codec will not affect the camera firmware. So a customer on 4.x.x can prevent the failure from happening and stay on 4.x.x by first upgrading to 5.1.3(or 5.1.4) and then downgrade to4.x.x. You do not need to enter a release key to upgrade the camera firmware. When the camera upgrade message is gone, verify that the new ID is loaded (xstat camera) and then downgrade to the preferred version.

We do recommend everyone having cameras with camera ID lower than 20011 to upgrade the cameras as soon as possible as the failure may happen any time and this will cause costly service interruption.



I have a client with 40 C20's and 4x cameras in the field down becuase of this issue. Tech's are not at every site and unable to touch the devices. Have any better ways to do this completly through TMS?



You can not recover a camera in this state from TMS. However we do have the possibility of recovering it by uploading a TC5.1.5beta version which includes a recovery script that can be executed via a  systemunit API command

systemtools camerarescue

If you have the possibility to do this, contact TAC which will guide you through this and provide the software.

You can refer to this post and this document to speed up things:



Endpoint escalation Oslo

Bob Fitzgerald

Has the camera recovery command been removed from TC6 software?  I've been trying to talk someone through a camera recovery and the codec is not recognizing the "systemtools camerarescue" command.  The codec is running TC6.1.2.


Bryan Deaver
Cisco Employee

Yes, checking it appears that we did remove it.  You would need to run TC5.1.7 or TC6.0.1.

Now, if your customer is already running TC6.1.2, the  camera firmware should already have the fix for preventing the camera  from getting into the state where you would need the camerarescue  command.