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Presence in Corporate Directory with E164



In a recent project I ran into a problem where the Presence Bubbles in Corporate Directory service on a Cisco 8841 were always showing "Offline"

The reason why they showed "Offline" was the E164 Number format (+XX XX XXX XX XX) used in the Enterprise AD Server.

At first I thought, lets change it in AD and thats it, but most of the time the formats and fields in AD are predefined by some ruleset. Technically its easy to change but the paperwork involved is enormous. That was the case also in this project, so changing the AD was a "no go".

(There is a also a possibility to switch the feature off in the Enterprise Parameters of CUCM.)

But then I noticed some funny looking SUBSCRIBE messages in SIP Trace.  They had %20 between number blocks in To and From headers, like this:

From: <sip:+XX%20XX%20XXX%20XX%20XX@>;

The message came from the Phone, wanting to get the Presence of the Telephone number, naturally CUCM answered with a 404 Messages.

To get the Number to the right format and the Presence to lit up I used a SIP Normalization script. The Script removes the %20 making the number known for CUCM and you will get a nice, working Corporate Directory.

The Script is available on GitHub

Till next time.

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