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Problems with setting the ring tone types on Cisco IP phones with Cisco CallManager version 3.3.2 and later


Core Issue

There appears to be only two standard ring tone types (chirps) when running Cisco CallManager version 3.3.2c.


In Cisco CallManager 3.3.2 and later, the selection of the ring tone for the Cisco IP phone has changed from previous versions.

With Cisco CallManager 3.3.2 and later, when you go to the Ring Type option under Settings, you are presented with default ring individual lines and their respective ring types. In 3.3.2c and later, under Default Ring, the user has about 25 ring types. A user has only seven ring types under individual lines.

When the user chooses a particular ring under the Default Ring, it gets applied to all the lines on the phone. But the user can choose one of the other available ring types on any other line.

There are two XML files in Cisco CallManager that are used to display the ring types on the IP phones. The RingList.xml file has all 25 rings and is displayed when you select Default Ring. DistinctiveRingList.xml, which has seven other rings, is displayed when you select a particular line.

To use different rings, perform these steps:

  1. Copy the content from Ringlist.xml, and paste it into the DistinctiveRinglist.xml, over-writing the existing content.    
  2. Restart the TFTP service.      
  3. Reset the phones.

CallManager Versions

CallManager 3.x, CallManager 4.x

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