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Profile Password is not recognized after the creation of new profiles in MeetingPlace

h3. Core Issue

After creating a batch of Cisco MeetingPlace profiles when the user calls into MeetingPlace with the profile number and password, the system does not recognize the profile password being entered.

The Last Changed date of the profile was shown to be of year 1969. Therefore, the password had not been changed from the default.

The System Manager thought that when he created a new profile, the system would automatically populate the profile password to match the profile number. Therefore, he did not specify a password when creating the profiles. In this instance, the system used the default password.

Note: In addition to the user ID, MeetingPlace profiles also have a unique profile number. The profile number, 3 to 17 digits, is used to identify users over the telephone. Typically, the profile number is the same as a user's telephone number, extension or voice mailbox. Profile numbers have corresponding numeric passwords that are independent of the alphanumeric passwords associated with the user ID for Cisco MeetingTime or Cisco MeetingPlace web access.

h3. Resolution

To resolve this issue, assign a new password by choosing from one of these options:

    Select the Save Changes button.  

      Use the Configure tab and perform these steps:

      1. From the User Profiles, find the profile and change the profile password.      

      Select the Save Changes button.

      Every time you create a new profile, make sure the Last Changed date changes to the date of when the profile was created instead of 1969.

      For more information on MeetingPlace System Adminstration functions, refer to Cisco MeetingServer 5.1 System Manager's Guide (34Mb) by referring to Cisco MeetingServer 5.1 System Manager's Guide .</p></body>
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