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Walkthrough Wednesdays

Q2 Collaboration Review


Yesterday I attended the Q2 Collaboration Review via telepresence at Cisco Canada's HQ in downtown Toronto. From what I can tell I was the only Canadian analyst among the 22 analysts globally who participated. It was my first time joining one of these reviews, and I found it quite helpful, and definitely preferred the telepresence experience to staying at my desk and joining via WebEx.

The main takeaway for me was Cisco's move into hosted services, which I think will have a ripple effect throughout the collaboration ecosystem. This will be good news for some, and bad news for others, and today's news about the split with HP is indicative of some of the potential fallout we might see in the coming months. I think hosted can be a great market opportunity for Cisco, but it's going to take some time for the other stakeholders - service providers, resellers, solutions partners and enterprises/SMBs - to figure out where Cisco really fits in the value chain.

I have other thoughts on the review as well as my impressions of the telepresence experience, along with a couple of photos. You can review all this on my blog post, and by all means, feel free to continue the dialog here.

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