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"C3"-Conversational Commerce To Feature John Hernandez and SocialMiner


C3box.gifOn February 2-3 Opus Research will host a conference and executive summit that takes a decidedly different tack on social media. Inspired by the challenges faced by businesses as they deploy new technologies that treat posts on blogs, Twitter, Facebook and community forums as channels for sales, customer care, technical support and, ultimately building better relationships between and among customers and prospective custoemrs.

The roster of speakers and opinion leaders will come from social media platforms, monitoring and measurement specialists, advertising and promotional agencies, CRM software providers, "Big Data" and contact center technology developers. Together, we'll showcase the awesome capabilities of today's technologies for understanding, anticipating and supporting customer goals and objectives. We will also expose and address both the technological and organizational challenges that arise as the new technologies shatter traditional "silos" between marketing, customer care, technical support, IT and even HR.

Cisco's John Hernandez, general manager of the Cusotmer Collaboration Business Unit, will be a featured speaker, to describe and demonstrate the impressive capabilities of the Collaborative Customer Care Platform including SocialMiner working in conjuncation with the new agent workstation, Finesse.

The one-and-a-half-day program culminates with a discussion of the tug-o-war taking place as customers try to put new data management technologies to their own best use as part of the move toward "Vendor Relationship Management" (aka VRM).

Visit here to register and use the Promo Code OPRCH for a $200 discount. Contact Pete Headrick (  for more info.

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