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Reporting on incoming calls by external phone numbers


Please note, I am new to this this reporting stuff, so be kind.

I have searched for this topic several different ways but nothing comes up that clearly defines what I am looking for.

Have the need to get reports on inbound calls on all our 800# and local numbers (individually and collective) and be able to see historical data/trends over time.  Have these reports to be automatically emailed weekly and monthly.

I have looked at CDR but not seeing how to generate reports for external numbers only internal extensions and still have yet to find how to schedule emailing of reports.  I have configured the ability to manually send email reports but there appears to be some scheduling capabilities, but do not see how to get it working.

We are on 11.5.

Is the system not setup for this type of reporting and will I need to go 3rd party for it?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Mr Mason

Hello Brian, there are two things that I'd note.

For your toll free number, you're going to want to take into account the final called party or extension.  What I mean is that in my organization, the toll free is pointed to a DID (a local phone number), and then there is a translation pattern inside of CUCM pointing that DID to an internal extension or DN.  The CDRs will only show the extension after the translation (as translation patterns are applied before the CDRs come into the picture).  So you'll want to figure out what internal number to report on before you get started.


Next, the built in CDR tools, while good may not offer the flexibility that you're looking for, especially when it comes to sending automated reports to multiple people.  You could look at some other options, such as VoIP Detective (there is a free version), or TeleMate's Predictive UC Analytics


Thanks for the reply.  I will take a look into VoIP Detective,

A question I have is regarding the translation.  If I have 3-4 numbers that are going to one Ext (the operator) then how do I break out the report to see how many calls came in from each number?  I'm thinking this cannot be done with the canned reports in the CDR.

I guess I could always look at this from the Telco point of view and see if the telco can generate reports for all incoming calls on each number.


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