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Resync CVP Reporting and Informix Password


Occasionally the reporter server admin user and password is out of sync (doesn’t match) the database user and password in Ops Console that allows CVP reporting to function properly.

If this error is found in the reporting server logs you may use the below procedure to recover.

*password or user com.informix.asf.IfxASFRemoteException:

cvp_dbuser@SERVERNAME is not known on the database server.*

This procedure often remedies the situation and avoids the task of re-installing CVP reporting server.

1. Make sure the reporting service is up and running.

2. Log into the reporting server Windows "Administrator" account.

3. Set the "cvp_dbuser" account password to a string (See reporting guide for  how to choose a password).

4. Start Ops Console and log in to the Ops Console.

5. Select above reporting server in the reporting page.

6. Select the "Database User".

7. In the Old password field, enter the password used in step 3.

8. In the New password field, enter a new password. Reenter the

new password in the "Reconfirm Password" field.

9. Save and Deploy.

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