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Riding the 3 Waves Through the Holidays


As many of you know, the term “Black Friday” is commonly used to describe the Friday immediately after the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday--the busy shopping day when many retailers begin to turn a profit for the year. Black Friday signals the start of the holiday shopping season, with its accompanying surge in the need for customer support. We can all think of examples of the latter: the frantic web searches to get our childrens’ gifts working properly, the calls to return a sweater that was the wrong size--sound familiar?

The holiday season is the acid-test of customer care in many industries. Businesses that fail the test will lose customers--often in droves--while those who delight their customers can surge ahead of the competition.

So how can businesses succeed--and excel--in providing world-class customer service even during this most challenging of seasons? The answer lies in properly leveraging the 3 Waves of Customer Care:  Cost, Relationship, and Experience. You can read about the details in this white paper, but the essentials are pretty straightforward.

Cost is all about driving efficiencies while maintaining care standards. Does the underlying network and routing logic allow customer service calls to be handled by the best resource at the most effective location? Do agents and supervisors have the right tools to enable callers to be served quickly and correctly--the first time?

Relationship is about knowing the customer and what they need so that their interaction with the business can be optimized. This requires knowledge of the customer’s history, status, and context--including any information gathered during the actual call. Relationship helps drives a personal connection between the business and the customer.

Experience moves beyond the traditional channels of business interaction to embrace new media and access methods such as video, mobile, and the social web. Consumers interact with the business when, where, and how they choose, and in turn businesses collaborate with current--and prospective--customers much more proactively.

How will your business answer the customer care challenge? Will you ride the 3 Waves of Customer Care into a successful new year? I wish you all the best this holiday season.


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