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Room kit and Room Kit Plus - new video endpoints for meeting rooms


Dear all,


we recently introduced two video endpoints for meeting rooms:  Room Kit and Room Kit Plus.

roomkits image.PNG


New Room kits offer:

  • Intelligent views
  • Built-in high quality speakers
  • Wi-Fi support
  • Direct pairing of Touch
  • Dual display support
  • 4K output and H.265 support
  • 4K content
  • Guaranteed Proximity pairing w/Bluetooth or Ultrasound
  • Analytics and Metrics tools
  • (Room kit only) Integrated microphones (support external microphones if needed)


Note that Room Kit and Room Kit Plus work both with Webex cloud AND on-premises solutions (CUCM, VCS-C or Exp-C).


For updated overview of all Cisco Video endpoints and positioning, please check here :

Cisco Video Endpoints overview and positioning


Useful relevant resources:

Main page :

Cisco Webex Room series - youtube video

Cisco Room Kit – A Guide to a Successful Deployment Easy as 1, 2, 3! nice blog by partner Looking point

Tech Talk: Cisco Webex Room Kit Deployment - video by partner looking point


Also attaching a selection of slides.


For more details, please contact your Cisco partner or Cisco Account Manager.


please rate if you find this useful



Alkis Zoupas


DISCLAIMER: this post was created in order to provide useful info to Cisco partners and customers in my area (Greece/Cyprus and Malta). For official and updated information, please consult cisco documentation, datasheets and ordering guides.


Hi Alkis,

thank you for all information provided, very useful as from Cisco site it's kind of more complicated to find technical details these days (or I am unused to it as I have not used it for a long time!) I always bump into more commercial stuff.

I am trying to use mini kit with Webex Meetings, and although my desktop app and the mini-kit device are paired and I can share content, I cannot use the kit to join a meeting (when I am in the room) when I have the option enabled in my app. 

Also if I call my account from the kit, the Webex meetings desktop app  never rings, however Webex Teams (in my mobile) does! 

As you can understand I am experimenting (trial) but I am wondering if I have done something wrong, maybe in the Hub?


Can you help?



Cisco Employee

Hi Yanna,

I am glad that post is useful.


Regarding your questions:

There are many ways for Room kit mini to join a Webex Meeting:

a) Room kit mini can dial into Webex Meetings by manually dialling the video address.

b)  Room kit mini SIP URI can be entered as ''call my video system'' on Webex Meetings when user selects audio and video inputs. System remembers SIP URI so you have to enter it only first time. 

c) If this is a scheduled meeting and have done calendar integration then OBTP/Join button will appear on RK mini touch panel

d) If you join via Webex Teams client you can select before making the video call to use RK mini (provided it is paired).


Regarding below: 

''Also if I call my account from the kit, the Webex meetings desktop app  never rings, however Webex Teams (in my mobile) does! ''

this is logical :-) let me elaborate 

Webex Teams is, among other things, a SIP video softclient that has a SIP URI to make/receive calls.

Webex Meetings app is an app that helps you start and schedule Webex Meetings - it is not a client- they can not call you on Webex Meeting app. With Webex Meetings, all participants meet inside the Meeting session. 


You can also check for useful stuff on Webex Meetings 

Webex Meetings - top things to see in a demo

Webex Meetings - quick guide for new user hosts

or if you have more time :-)


hope this helps


for more help I guess you should contact your partner that runs trial with you






Hi Alkis,

thank you very much for all this valuable info. I did not know that Meetings app is not a soft-client, so I'd rather continue my trial with Teams.



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